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CH 22.12, Lava Release- Cover by dannytranvan CH 22.12, Lava Release- Cover by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 27 June 2015

At the fourth floor.

[Announcer] Did you see that everyone! Looks like Ekuto is defeated from Pac's kick! There is no way he could survive that!

The audience made a loud noise!

[Yudai] Never knew a person who boxes can land a kick like that.
[Kenta] I heard he jogs every day. Maybe that explains how he has strong legs.
[Yudai] Yeah. But with a kick like that, I'm sure Ekuto is not defeated from it.
[Kenta] Why you think so?
[Yudai] A kick like that isn't big issue to the Zhinto clan.

Back at the battle area.

When Ekuto landed, a big hole in the ground was created.
Pac quickly dashed towards Ekuto before it's too late.

[Pac] I gotta finish him off quickly before he gets settled.

Pac ran with his left hand prepared to throw a punch at Ekuto.

[Pac] Going for a K!

There is Ekuto in the dusts from the ground. He sees Pac coming, Ekuto tries to get up and settle before it is too late for him.

But Pac is now here! Few feet away from Ekuto, Pac positions his feet and twists his body to throw his left fist!

Ekuto still have his Dark Eyes on, he sees Pac's fist coming in normally. Ekuto's Dark Eyes sharpened in vision as the fist came in slow motion.

[Ekuto] (Enough.)

Pac's fist is a few inches away from Ekuto.
And before the fist came at him...


Ekuto slammed his hands down at the ground (with chi rings coming out from his hands) creating lava. The lava shot up from above the ground around him. It came up to where the lava flow and the brown rocks met above Ekuto!

The lava cover is created!!
Hardened dark brown colored rocks surrounded by flowing bright orange colored lava creating a solid hot cover!!

Pac's fist quickly came at Ekuto, but it wasn't Ekuto!
It is the Cover! Pac didn't realize it because the Cover came at the last second!

Tsshh!! The steaming sound of the lava making contact with Pac's left fist!

The strong paper around Pac's left arm burned up in flames. It then burned up into ashes.

Before it can cause further damage to Pac, he quickly took off the strong paper.

[Pac] Uuah! (Hot! Not only that, the rock is hard to punch through!)

Ekuto with his face looking down at the ground, inside the lava shield, he looked up with hate on his face.

[Ekuto] I will burn you up in lava.

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August 10, 2015
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