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CH 22.1, Ekuto vs Pac! by dannytranvan CH 22.1, Ekuto vs Pac! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 17 June 2015

[Announcer] We will start the first battle of round 1! The participants who are involved in the first battle are Ekuto and Pac! Let’s give a cheer as they walk towards the battle area!

The audience cheers! While the audience is cheering, Ekuto left the waiting room from the left side of the Arena and Pac left the waiting room from the right side of the Arena. They both walked towards the center, about few feet away from each other.

[Announcer] It looks like they are settled. Who's ready for this tournament to start?

The audience cheered louder than before!

[Announcer] All right! Looks like you all are ready, so let the battle begin!!

A noise of the gong was made, starting the official battle!

[Ekuto] (from what I heard about Pac, he's a boxer so he probably doesn’t know how to use elements, yet he's tough from what I !!

Pac came dashing towards Ekuto at a good speed!

[Ekuto] *claps hands together, chi ring comes out* Earth Release: Kuto!!! (..I must defeat him quickly!)

Ekuto quickly knees down (with left knee on ground and right knee standing up vertically at his waist) as he holds his hands together!!
Quickly the earth around Ekuto came out to create some sort of figure!!
A brown golem appears around Ekuto!!
Pac's fist landed directly onto the Kuto, but his fist caused no harm to Ekuto!

[Ekuto] You almost had me there.
[Pac] Fast thinking.

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August 10, 2015
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