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CH 21.7, Let the Tournament Begin! by dannytranvan CH 21.7, Let the Tournament Begin! by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 13 June 2015

Below the fourth floor window, just right above the stairs to the first floor is a big monitor (look at chapter 21.1 for further guidance). It is big enough for everyone to see what is going on.  This monitor is used for displaying what is happening in the battle area as well as provide results and etc.

[Announcer] All right! Let’s reveal who the participants of this PVP Tournament are!!

The big monitor displays a PVP tournament table. There on the PVP table shows 8 participants.

The audience cheers louder and louder!!

The participants at the waiting area (left and right side of the battle area) look up to see the monitor behind the big roof made of glass above them. Looking at the monitor from above, they are surprised to see who is participating in this tournament!

[Zhenwu] (I'm going against Kiri..! Why?!) !
[Kiri] *smirks (oh heck yeah~!!)
[Pac] I see.. so I am going up against a member of the clan Zhenwu's in.
[Jin] ... *silence*
[Axel] I see…Zhenwu finished recovering from his last mission. Surprised to see him being in this tournament.
[Zhenhai] …
[Zhenwu] Yuyan?! (Isn't he that riddle man at the lantern festival?! What's he doing here?)
[Yuyan] (I must prevent disaster from happening!)
[Announcer] That's right! This PVP Tournament will be filled with exciting fights just waiting to be shown! Are you all ready for this tournament to begin?!
[Audience] YES! *cheers*
[Announcer] And so it is, let the tournament BEGIN!!

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