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CH 2.1, Moderator Yudai by dannytranvan CH 2.1, Moderator Yudai by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 26 December 2013 (7 February 2017)

Few days had passed by since we created the team, Heroes. We had been notified by the moderator of our village. He’s basically the one who looks over our village as a leader. His name is Yudai and we went to meet him in his office for a discussion. We came to the office where he sits at his desk.

Yudai greeted us with a welcoming feeling. He's glad to have heard about a team like us that is willing to defend the village against the Rebel.

He then discussed to us about the case of the Rebel invasion. He told us that this invasion will take place in 5 days. However, he doesn't know what time of the 5th day this invasion will take place.
Yudai brought out two papers. He showed us one of the papers. There appears to be a person on it. Yudai said this person is Reichi. He's the leader of the Rebel who is organizing this invasion.
Yudai then showed us the other paper. He said this person is Aita. Aita is Reichi's friend and is likely involved in the Rebel to help Reichi carry out this invasion.
Yudai doesn't know who else is involved in the organization, but knowing two of them should be good enough to determine the Rebel's presence before they can invade the village.
Anyways, he assigned us on a Special Mission to defend the front side of the village along with another team he's assigning. The other team's name is Tekai. They will be assisting us with this mission. While team Tekai and Heroes defend the outside of the village, he also said that he assigned Shin and Genzu to defend the inside of the village in case the Rebel manages to get into the village. We all have 4 days to be prepared, the 5th day being when the invasion takes place.

Wow! This is my first Special Mission I had ever been assigned to. I suppose this mission will be harder than the others I had done. So 4 days to prepare for this invasion. Hmm.. Who was this Tekai team, Yudai mentioned of? I should see who the Tekai are to get a better knowing of them for this upcoming mission.

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