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CH 19.5, I Want to be the Strongest Player by dannytranvan CH 19.5, I Want to be the Strongest Player by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 7 June 2015

The next day came. Suoje and Ming are on the top of the hill waiting for Zhenwu.

There comes Zhenwu walking up on the stairs with bandages on his face. He walks slowly up the hill until he arrives.

When he arrived on the top of the hill, he sees Ming sitting against the tree and Suoje standing along the side of the rock.

Ming sees Zhenwu and is in shock.

[Ming] What happened to you Zhenwu?!

When Ming asked a question, he continues to walk. Zhenwu walked up and sits behind Suoje on the rock in a bad mood.

[Zhenwu] The bruises appeared on my face when I came home yesterday.
[Ming] Oh..!
[Suoje] Aren't the bruises supposed to come immediately after you are hurt?
[Zhenwu] I don't know. Maybe they supposed to. Is weird.

Zhenwu looks at Ming again.

[Zhenwu] ..,You are lucky Ming.. to not have any bruises from that big punch.
[Ming] Yeah. I'm just sad to see you got bruises on your face.
[Zhenwu] Hope you are. I’m so unlucky.

There is silence for a few minutes.
While there is silence, Ming continues to look for flowers for her mom and Suoje continues to relax on the rock.

While that happened, they were waiting for Zhenwu to call out what game they should play together since it is Zhenwu's turn for today.

[Zhenwu] I want to be the strongest player.

Suoje and Ming are surprised to hear the unexpected response from Zhenwu.

[Ming] Why?
[Zhenwu] So I can stop these corruption.
If you are the strongest, you can stop the corruption. But if you are not, these bad guys will have their way of spreading it.

Suoje and Ming were shocked to hear what Zhenwu said. Those big words he used.

[Ming] I see..
[Suoje] Zhenwu, if you want to be the strongest player, you must train hard no matter how difficult it is.
Giving up easily will make you a weak player.
But not giving up, will make you strong.
And if you continue to not give up and go through the bad things that are in your way, you can become the strongest player.

Zhenwu felt better after hearing what Suoje said. His wise words put off his bad mood and gave Zhenwu motivation.

[Suoje] The world is tough out there. We should all do our best to stay alive.
[Ming] Yeah!
[Zhenwu] *smiles then yells in determination* I’ll become the strongest player!

Ming and Suoje smiled seeing Zhenwu’s reaction.
And so the dream ends.

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June 13, 2015
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