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CH 16.1, Learning Wind by dannytranvan CH 16.1, Learning Wind by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 7 April 2015 (12 June 2017)

The next day.

[Eruki] All right! It's time for you to learn Wind. We'll first start off by using the most basic Wind skill.
[Zhenwu] Why are we using the most basic Wind skill?
[Eruki] Learning a high level Wind skill would be impossible for you to learn it. We'll start off from the basics.
[Zhenwu] Okay. So how do I begin?
[Eruki] We'll use that one over there *points to a direction*.

Where Eruki pointed, shows a wooden post on the ground. Attached to the wooden post is a rope. Following down the rope shows a rock tied up by it.

[Zhenwu] hmm
[Eruki] Yes. What you see will help you learn how to use wind. 1st, we'll start off with a start hand sign to activate your chi flow. After that, we will use the wind hand sign to try to make your chi release the wind element.
[Zhenwu] Okay.
[Eruki] Before we begin releasing this skill, you have to make sure your chi flows smoothly through your body’s chi system. Once you can manage that, you should be able to release this basic wind skill when you use the hand signs.

Zhenwu paid close attention as Eruki spoke to make sure he can do the technique successfully.

[Eruki] All right. Let's begin using this skill.

Eruki starts using hand signs!! Start! Wind *transparent chi ring comes out*!
Eruki kneel down a bit with her left hand by her waist. Her left hand is made into a fist as she does it. The wind starts to pick up slowly around the wooden post. Then suddenly...

[Eruki] Wind Release: Twister!!!

And soon enough, she quickly opened up her fist with her fingers opened and held together! She then straightens her back while raising her left hand to the air quickly. A transparent tornado appeared around the wooden post. It made the rock fly in the air!!

[Eruki] You see that? Now let's see if you can get the rock to fly in the air.

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May 10, 2015
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