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CH 14.3, A Surprising Visit by dannytranvan CH 14.3, A Surprising Visit by dannytranvan

RELEASED DATE: 9 March 2015 (12 June 2017)

After leaving the stand where the Riddle man was, we continue to walk around the Lantern Village. Eruki is right. A lot of people came to the festival tonight. We go to other game stalls to see what games they have. After that we got tired, so we go somewhere to sit.

We find a building and sit there. As we sit there, we hold our lanterns.

[Zhenwu] These lanterns, I love them.
[Eruki] Why?
[Zhenwu] I don't know why, but I always get the feeling of warmth around them. I like how these lanterns glow through night.
[Eruki] I see. Maybe you will know why in the future.
[Zhenwu] Yeah, the way, how's your family?
[Eruki] They are doing good! I'm glad they let me go to the festival with you. What about yours?
[Zhenwu] I don't know. It's been a long time since I haven't seen my parents.
[Eruki] When was the last time you saw them?
[Zhenwu] Last time I saw them, was when I was with them in the lantern festival. After that I haven't seen them since.
[Eruki] Oh, hopefully they return soon.
[Zhenwu] Yeah, don't worry! Yudai said my parents will be back someday. They are still on that secret mission. He said that it's difficult to complete and only they can complete it.
[Eruki] That's good. How's the festival going for you so far?
[Zhenwu] It's great! I'm glad you brought me with you.
[Eruki] Glad to do so!

After that, we watch the people walk by.

[Eruki] *yawned*

Her yawning is making me want to yawn too, but I held it in. The night became darker as time passed by. Less people are walking by as time continues. We both are tired.

Suddenly, Eruki laid her head onto my shoulder with the lantern still in her hand. She was already asleep when her head fell onto my shoulder. All these games and food sure did make us tired and sleepy. I let her sleep on my shoulder as I look down on my lantern.

Just seeing the lantern I'm holding makes me feel happy. I can feel the warmth from it, and yet I don't know why. It also makes me wonder about that Riddle man. I'm still unsure what he meant from the riddle he shown us. The possession I love, but will hate if I lose that possession. Possession, can it be a person?


Can it be a thing?


What can it be?


Yet, the word "possession" sounds too vague. This Riddle man is so mysterious...

[Kiri] Well. Well. Well. Look who we find here. *smirk*

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