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So, as you folks have discovered, many of these unlabeled images are indeed difficult to identify, and especially the hentai ones (I have a feeling I'm going to have to go to some hentai aficionado site for help with those). Thanks much to you all, and congrats to TimeShadow and ugiel for getting one ID each and each earning a point in the contest!

And now, for Challenge Set 2, which you can find here. Good luck, and good hunting:


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United States
Amateur artist, professional writer, musician, champion of lost causes, blowhard and pedant, and active commenter and admirer of many (but certainly not all) artists and writers here at dA. I do not much admire the application of power by dA's administrators, however.

I have two accounts here at dA: 1) "dannysuling" is my home base for surfing and commenting, for maintaining personal and professional ties, and for posting story reviews, my own screeds, journals, and essays on topics having to do with what goes on at dA; 2) "bandmachart" – BandMachArt – is where I post stories I have written and amateur drawings I have done (most of which are adult and transgressive, so be forewarned).

I'm definitely of an older generation. I wasn't around when Washington crossed the Delaware, but I was certainly born well before Bob went electric at Newport. I care about good writing, good art, ethical behavior, the environment; I am a feminist!


I just posted in my gallery Part Two of my discussion on power and responsibility. Check it out.
I just posted a little research report on my profile page (it's also in my gallery), on the increasingly well-known quote "With great power comes great responsibility." In these years of seeing great power and absolutely no responsibility at all, I thought it might be of interest. Enjoy
"I'm think I'm quite ready for another adventure."

No, I'm not leaving dA, I'm just going on a long-awaited but short holiday, leaving tomorrow. Back in a week...unless I get lost.


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12panther Featured By Owner 22 hours ago
Great scenes, naughty and easy to believe.
dannysuling Featured By Owner May 29, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
My first visit to your gallery, even though we've both been around here a very long time. So, my apologies.

There's some extraordinarily beautiful images here. My congrats. Also a large assortment of experiments and adventures, which I admire. And in many styles and across a bunch of media, too. An artist, for sure. Willing to take chances but also capable of pulling back and doing some deliciously classical pieces.

Thanks so much for sharing these works with all of us. I'm glad I got a chance to see them.
Shadow-Spryte Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2019  Hobbyist Writer
OMG I'm so horrible and missed your birthday? Well happy late birthday :)
PleaseImJustaGirl Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2019
 Happy Birthday to You.
EnglishDamsel Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2019
Happy birthday!
OttoBindender Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2019
Happy Birthday and a Happy New Year!
Myds6 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I returned to check out your work again thanks to your detailed and insightful comment that you made on my page some time ago.  I'm not sure the drawings were here when I last looked.  I'm glad I came back to check it out!  Nice gallery.
dannysuling Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you much, and glad you visited again. And just in time, too: Since my dannysuling gallery is not intended to be a posting gallery for my art and stories, the presence of my Kinktober art is intended to be very short-lived; they were placed here to make it easier to participate in the contest, and by the end of this month they will be entirely deleted. However, they, as well as many other drawings, image descriptions, and a number of my bondage-themed short stories, can be found on my dA posting site, BandMachArt. I encourage you to visit there, sample the work I have posted, and (should you be inclined) provide any feedback to me you wish. I read all comments, learn from feedback, and welcome and appreciate whatever you have to tell me.
LK3869 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2018
Late addition to watchlist, as usual...
Couldn't locate that 'taking care of buisness' text you mentioned in our handgags exchange, any way you can point it to me?
dannysuling Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
My apologies. I thought I'd posted it at BandMachArt, but it was here in my dannysuling gallery all this time!

Essay - Taking Care of Business (v.150301)
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