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Amateur artist, professional writer, musician, champion of lost causes, blowhard and pedant, and active commenter and admirer of many (but certainly not all) artists and writers here at dA. I do not much admire the application of power by dA's administrators, however.

I have two accounts here at dA: 1) "dannysuling" is my home base for surfing and commenting, for maintaining personal and professional ties, and for posting story reviews, my own screeds, journals, and essays on topics having to do with what goes on at dA; 2) "bandmachart" – BandMachArt – is where I post stories I have written and amateur drawings I have done (most of which are adult and transgressive, so be forewarned).

I'm definitely of an older generation. I wasn't around when Washington crossed the Delaware, but I was certainly born well before Bob went electric at Newport. I care about good writing, good art, ethical behavior, the environment; I am a feminist!
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So…. I haven’t been on dA (for more than 30 seconds) for almost two weeks (no, I ain’t proud; actually, I feel weirdly lonely). Rather, I’ve been deep into Part 2 of a personal research project on pulp magazine covers featuring damsel-in-distress and/or bondage. Part 1, conducted in 2019, took about three weeks of hard work out of my life, involving collecting and archiving virtual image copies of relevant pulp mag covers. I had to let the project rest after amassing over 250 separate folders (probably about 10,000 separate images, likely more). Other life priorities eventually caught up with me (duh!). But finally I rejoined the project last month, and these last two weeks got me more sorted out and more comprehensive about my collection. As one outcome, I thought I’d relate a few remarks to the people reading my dA Journal, and I hope these thoughts initiate conversations among readers of my page. BTW, I owe my interest in the project to @peterpulp, whose dA page is chock full of
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Okay, I need help here. For almost 6 months now I have been trying to identify the actress in an image (posted below). I've done all the Google-triangulating I know how to do. I've tried Tin-Eye (hah! not a chance). I've gone to Brianspage database, and the IMdB site, and on and on. I've tried following my own best-guesses, based on my (obviously incomplete) knowledge of 1930s-1950s cinema and TV; Perhaps it's a non-US film. But no luck...not even a faint clue, or a footprint in the mud. Usually if I'm dedicated enough to the research I can eventually solve the puzzle. But not this time. And I love mysteries...but only to the extent that at some point they can be solved! So, if any of you clever, knowledgable, or just plain lucky folks out there can help me, I would be very grateful. I'm looking for 1) the name of the actress, 2) what work this scene is from and what date (film or serial, early TV, whatever), and 3) if you'd be so kind, where and/or how you found the info. Many
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Today I removed all of my own drawings from this account, primarily art I have contributed to the Kinktober challenges from 2018, 2019, and 2020. It is likely I shall repost them elsewhere, and when I do I'll let everyone know where they can be found. I have done this with grave misgivings and a considerable degree of unhappiness, because I believe it is necessary to the survival of this page and this account. I apologize for being so precipitous about the action. The ground is shifting under us. I'm not only referring to the deviantArt TOS, which is becoming increasingly restrictive and anti-kink, but because I have received some uncomfortable hints about future targeting. In addition, artists here who I consider friends (and acquaintances who might have become friends) have begun to disappear, either voluntarily or because they were...ahem..."disinvited" by dA because their work violated the TOS (at least according to dA). I want this account to remain, to continue to function as a
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Thanks for the watch. I also got your note which was very thoughtful!

Be glad to. Choose two of your more recent ones for me to read at let me know. Also, if there's any particular feedback you're looking for, please tell me so I can narrow my focus.

Thanks for the comment on my interview. If you see my work on E-Hentai it was me who upload there i follow and play in E-hentai since 2007. As your work you look a lot like me at my beginning. At the time i was not able to succed more then 20% with my draw and as you can see my first draw, In the interview, look like your. I sure with practice and time you will become better and a similar quality as i have now. I see with lot comment, i will watching you grow and i will be happy to recive any comment on my work from you.

So wonderful to get a reply from you, my friend. Were you able to see my work on my dA posting site at @machmachart? There are a lot of drawings and a selection of some of my bondage stories there. The few drawings on my @dannysuling page have been posted there because of other reasons. I use this page for my essays and contests and conversations, mostly.

I'll continue to enjoy your work in the future, and perhaps I'll have a meaningful comment to make once in a while. My very best to you!