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WTF- South PArk Anime Style

Bbmbbf help me a little here

Yeah.. Cartman is not fat there.. Anyway.. thanks to who give us the idea
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Perfect Work ;).

Anime, Manga, and South Park go Perfectly together in this picture :).

I love South Park because it is so funny :D, and I love Anime and Manga since they are so Cool :D.

At least Cartman got his wish of being big boned and muscular :clap:.

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I can see Naruto characters in their stances, very nice.
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I laughed my ass off when I saw Cartman.
optimistprime13's avatar
What have you done ?! D:>
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they actually look better in this style
alicemaddness101's avatar
in your dreams cartman your not THAT muscular lol
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Brought here by Smosh
Cherishedgirl99's avatar
my nose is bleeeding XD
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yeah cartmen should look like a sumo in this
elementalearthtiger's avatar
kenny looks like a fucking ninja! O.O
BlackImpulse's avatar
The image of Cartman actually seems to fit his arrogant attitude, and Kenny just looks awesome. Kinda like a ninja.
revilOli's avatar
kennys the hypest shit! I love it
warriorcatsforeverx's avatar
lol one of my new faves

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I could see cartman buffing up in highschool, being tired of getting called fat all the time.
EdgedWeapon's avatar
Kenny looks awesome, although Cartman doesn't look fat/evil enough, but that's just my opinion.
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And Kenny's still the most badass. Ha!!
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Wow Cartman is ripped.....but that doesnt make up for all his other flaws. LOL
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I find it werid that Cartmen is actguly skinny... '_'
Nice drawing any ways~
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