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April 20, 2011
The suggester says; "The whole focus is on this beautiful girl's eyes and freckles, and as the quote in the artist comment states, there can be no night sky without stars. This is just so humble and beautiful in all the right senses - no make-up, no manipulation of the light. Just natural."
Stranger 77 by ~dannyst
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Stranger 77

She was walking with her boyfriend. When I approached them, they seemed startled, but as I explained what I was trying to do, they said ‘yes’. But I could still feel them being unsure about the whole thing. Looking at this portrait, I’m reminded of the quote: “A girl without freckles is like a night without stars.”

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paolita272's avatar
Beautiful freckles
TheCozyAuthor's avatar
She's amazing gorgeous! Wow!
MislamicPearl's avatar
She's so beautiful! Her facial features are striking! Do you think she ever saw this page and was able to read all the lovely comments about her and this shot?
xF3ARL3SSx's avatar
She's beautiful.
RavenDiablo's avatar
Wow!  You found a real beauty.  Loving the freckles.   In this case I do agree with you 100% as I think she looks fantastic.

I don't know what it is, but I do find freckles rather attractive.  Perhaps it could be the unique quality they add to someone.  But I know I am not alone in that feeling.  But many women are put off by them thinking them as some sort of skin 'defect'.   Nope!  No way!  I came across a site once and there was a woman that was having freckles on her arms removed and I was like, Noooooooooooooo!    They were really nice too coming down the back of her neck, over the shoulders and just a little down the arms.  It was a beautiful pattern AND she was having them removed.   :angry: 

Note:  Ladies with freckles on your face and body...LEAVE THEM BE, Please!  They make you unique and there are many men that are attracted to them.

BTW: My wife has the same dark brown eyes and YES she does have faint freckles just under her eyes and I love them (and her) very much.
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S-She's beautiful... >//<
shuvon7's avatar
Really great shot. At last I have found the owner of this photographer. I had downloaded this photo from google and worked on this photo skin-touch. Though I had showed this photo any where. But now I am feeling really happy.........actually I cant express my joy of heart to find you dannyst. really awesome shot.
kaupaint's avatar
I did a painting of her a while back, uploaded it finally!
arrozblanco12's avatar
man her eyes almost seem black
Great capture...
LonelyWerewolf123's avatar
serenaburroughs's avatar
i drew this: [link]
felt inspired by your stranger series :) Love it a lot! :heart: thanks for sharing your wonderful art!
GertrudeFood's avatar
She's stunning! Lovely photo :)
iangoudelock's avatar
Love the photo and the description that goes with it. Always interesting to know the story behind the picture
very pretty face, wow
ModyZinc's avatar
Beautiful :heart:
What is the lens do you use ?
Nikonface's avatar
Beautiful face.
Astabrata's avatar
you've capture her beauty perfectly!
Tjoepoe's avatar
I don't know but she is beautiful :iconhurrplz:
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