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Lady with Umbrella

It was Saturday late in the morning, and the rain was starting to pour heavily. I rushed to Orchard, excited about the prospect of shooting once again in the rain. But I knew that Saturday mornings were not ideal for street shooting because the people traffic is usually low at this time, much less when it’s raining. But why not just try my luck, right? Well, as luck would have it, I didn’t get any good shots. The rain eventually slowed down, and frustration struck me once again. I figured I’d eat lunch first, then try my luck again.

As I returned to Orchard after lunch, the rain was now a drizzle. Most people wasn’t even using their umbrellas… including me. So I thought, I’m walking for one round and I’m calling it a day. Then I saw this girl with an umbrella, walking briskly towards my direction. I went “that’s it!” I backed off quickly because I wanted to shoot her on a certain spot in between the shadows from the trees where I thought the soft light was perfect. I crouched down, waited until she was near enough, and clicked a few times. Right after my first click, she started to walk towards the side. I guess she noticed me. But it was ok, I already got my keeper.. the first click was perfect.

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Beautiful moment captured..
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very very beautiful foto.
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Great eye. love your work.
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The lighting in this really is so powerful! It frames the shot perfectly. :love:
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What a great shot! Can I use this as a cover photo for a blog post? Thanks!
Bellicima toma.
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Feautured in my journal Erotica Heart Transparent by Trapu20
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How do you protect your camera in the rain?
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I pinned it.  Let me know if it is OK with you.…

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Incredible. I am in love with everything in this picture from the lighting to the composition everything in this picture is perfection. 
The b&w umbrella shot is done a *lot* - but when the shot is as good as this one, who cares?
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This is amazing. I love the black and white.
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Love your work, awesome shot ;)
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great amazing pic.! :clap:
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Great shot, I particularly like the depth field...
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Maybe it's a stupid question, I'm sorry :) How do you take pictures in the rain? I mean, how do you protect your camera from getting wet when shooting in the rain?
By the way, I really enjoy your rain photographs, they're really full of unstaged emotions, congratulations! :clap:
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