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Dear Danny Phan-girls:

When I created Danny's D.I.V.A.S., I wanted to make a little corner of DeviantART's community of artists for the Divine Irresistable Visionaries of Amazing Skills -- that is, really awesome, creative, female fans of Danny Phantom -- to openly show the world, through words or pictures, that Danny Fenton/Phantom felt so much like a real person to them that they had literally fallen in love with his character...
And felt he was right next to them, whether in peaceful, happy times, or in trifling ones when they really needed a superhero.
This was where these passionate fans could draw these images in their minds of Danny with them, loving these girls just as much as they love him, without being afraid of other people calling them strange, obsessive or over-attached... as opposed to being inspired to be superheroines in their own real lives -- not to mention to also be as hard-working and imaginative an artist as Butch Hartman is.

I had the happiest few years with Phangirls who were inspirations, teachers (even in very unexpected ways I did not understand or went against at the time, but I fully appreciate today), close friends (many of whom I am so happy to tell you I am still in touch with now) and almost family to me, who shared with and taught me so many life lessons through cute little drawings of "Danny and me".

Though I did not allow DannyxSam shipping here (reason: to escape the non-stop barrage of DxS art and DxS fans themselves, who were not always so friendly to our different ideas of preferring Danny with ourselves rather than the expected canon pairing),
I can't say I ever felt the anger towards Sam that seems to be prevalent in Phangirl communities these days.
In addition to seeing so much of my own personality in Sam (eerie, a bit aggravating, and endearing all at the same time- then AND now), the dislike of the DannyxSam pairing was pretty much obliterated with jokes and harmlessly poking fun at Ms. Manson.
Silly names like Turfacus, and Sammikins and Inkblot Dressed in Black and Po (don't ask about that one)--
Whenever we started feeling too overwhelmed by aspects of Sam we didn't like, or we were pretty much afraid of Danny ending up with her for good on the show (even though this really wouldn't disturb us personally- we'd just keep on loving, writing and drawing in our real lives instead of counting on details of a fictional one)...
We coped, and forgot, using laughter.
And I assure you, as one of THE most sensitive girls who were so completely fed up with all the DxS obsession everywhere she looked -- it helped ME beyond any words I can say.
I owe every single one of my fangirl friends for instilling this laughter, happy memories, and (what I hope is) wisdom into my soul, so all my memories of Danny were among the happiest ones in my entire life.

This, however happy it was, is a chapter in my life that I am closing the last book on tonight.

Over the years I have been led by Danny from one happiness and inspiration to the next, and for that Danny will be forever, forever, forever special in my heart and in my art life- I will love the happy occasion of when I feel like drawing him for years and years to come...

As with Danny's story ending at 53 episodes,
I need to start new stories too. I want to move ahead.

And DIVAS will have to be a closed book, full of stories of love, friendship and among the best spiritual (no pun intended) heroes I've ever known.

I close this book, I close this club tonight,
and happily thank you, all of you Phangirls, for your imagination, your passion, your humor, your creativity, your existing. You made DIVAS possible.

DIVAS will always be here for you to come look at, to stroll through the gallery of the best and most love-filled images of what Danny Phantom means to its members; to remember, to reminisce and to fall in love again.

I love you. I love Danny. I love life and all its new surprises it's bringing to me day after day that I need to surrender to and discover,
starting today.

See you around, girlies. :heart:


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:heart: A Message From your Friendly Admin... :heart:

Hello and welcome to Danny's D.I.V.A.S, DeviantART's first EVER group for Danny Phantom's female fans!

Although Danny's DIVAS is about freedom, we've got to have some rules to live by. They aren't so much rules as they are a Diva's way to be-- like the number one rule that she must always go with her flow, to never get sidetracked or led astray by anyone who tells her to disobey her heart or, very fittingly for our cause, her eyes in the way she sees Danny and the world.

Here is where you can share all of that! On DIVAS, with simply a note to runty, you can submit Danny Phantom artwork (digital/traditional drawings), writing (poetry, prose, songs, essays), or even just a presence of "me too!" to just be here, talk with other fangirls and have fun.

Here are a few other rules I'd like you to know:

II. Gotta love Danny. As you can tell, this club was created exclusively for fans of Danny Phantom that, in plain words, have a crush on the series' hero, Danny Fenton/Phantom.
This crowd is predictably made up of women, so it is preferable (for now, anyway- you never know!) that the club consists mainly of Danny's female fans.
DIVAS does not encourage gender discrimination, but for now, this preference is enforced to keep away some male Danny Phantom fans that may attempt to prey on the younger female fans and expose them to certain kinds of art they may find offensive or disturbing.
[I can tell you myself, from my own extremely unpleasant experience, that this can happen to you.]

III. Gotta be good. Do you know why Danny's girls are so awesome? Because at the same time we've got loud voices to be heard, we're peaceful. See, we don't care for flame wars, scandals or angrily tearing DP episodes or characters apart.
Danny Phantom 'fangirls' ideally (at least from my experience) have no interest in anything other than simply loving Danny and the show itself, and sharing all their ideas and stories they make up about the character(s- when you remember there are others beyond the really cute ghost boy, there!) on the internet to share with the whole world.

Please help keep our peaceful nature by not harrassing/attacking other Divas OR non-Divas (i.e., other DP fans that are not a part of this club), do not spread any malicious gossip about anyone, and in addition, please do not join DIVAS simply to look superior to others under a "true DP fan (and you're not)" label.

IV. Gotta be clean. DIVAS respects Butch Hartman's wishes on keeping 'Danny Phantom' innocent and OK for everyone of all ages to love. We recommend that you keep PG-13/R-rated artwork OUT of your own gallery to show that you do not support anything some of the more sensitive fans may find offensive.
:star: Also, DIVAS does not allow any submissions rated above PG.

Mr. Hartman's feelings on fan-works that not just he, but more sensitive fans may find offensive, are very important, but this rule was made to focus on the safety of our girls.
We're aware that you girls are extremely talented, open-minded and full of imagination that sometimes involves very strong romantic feelings and ideas that are fun to put on paper, but unfortunately not everyone will understand those ideas and feelings like you do. Chances are that some people from darker parts of the fan-base who draw more mature things as well will use yours to their advantage to do you harm and cast you into a category of fans that you really, really don't want to be in.

It's okay to say you don't want to be a part of those crowds. You certainly can embrace your imagination going wild, and still be pretty modest about it at the same time without looking like you're acting like you're better than anyone else. You'll also be free of anyone saying that you support any actions some fans may make that a lot of people (especially Butch) may find offensive. This is all about you and keeping things simple, and your keeping those more sensitive ideas untainted and unthreatened by any trouble that this rule was created to keep you out of.

It's also all right if you don't agree with this rule. If you already do draw Danny fanart that doesn't go with DIVAS's rules, that's okay too. You are no less of a true, devoted fan at all.
However, due to the rules created for members' safety, though, DIVAS may not be the place for you. It's your decision whether you want to be with us or not.
If you do choose to respect this rule and join DIVAS, then, please go right ahead and re-read the above.

:star: DIVAS would also greatly appreciate if you keep your DA favorites clear of these kind of mature (defined by us as sexual in nature/PG-13 and up) artworks, too.

Enjoy the new fan family I hope DIVAS will become for you.
Please have lots of fun and new experiences here!

:heart: :heart: :heart:





Our Mission

:damphyr: we are a gathering of Danny Phantom's most dedicated young female admirers who feel they are truly in love with Danny and would like nothing more than to draw, write, talk and laugh together about this very special boy in an environment completely free of the harrassment, scandal and violence known to be a part of the DP fan-base.

DIVAS focuses on spreading a message of love and respect for Danny and each other, and to be honest and open in embracing him as a welcome resident in our hearts and as an influence in our lives to dream and to create and to make Danny (and his creator, Mr. Butch Hartman) proud of how we can be our very own heroines to accomplish anything in our lives.

:star: we are NOT some prestigious, elite clique who think we’re higher or better than other fans of DP who try to prove our virtue by judging others, nor are we trying to become some “almighty leader” of any fellowship.

Here is a place to give you peace and freedom among the fan-base, and in doing this we will never, ever allow any sort of flaming or boasting about what a 'true' fan you think you are. We'll use our past experiences and knowledge to help one another to not be bothered by the horrible parts of the fan-base created by just as horrible people. We don't believe in condemning anyone for any reason, no matter what their actions or attitude, as long as it is not harmful to the spirit and wellbeing of each other.

:peace: our mission is to answer Danny Phantom's female fans' S.O.S. for a safe place to express ourselves and their more romantic feelings for Danny in a comfortable haven where it's okay to let your guard down and let your daydreams, and let him, carry you away. DIVAS is unlike any other Danny Phantom fanclub in the way that our goal is to separate fangirls from everyone else in the fan-base by showcasing our creativity and love instead of a knowledge of big words for rants and flame-wars.

These girls are possibly Danny's most innocent, brightest, vulnerable, and often victimized fans who can easily (and very often do) get mixed up in the wrong crowd telling them how they should, or should not, be a Danny fan.

I believe we fangirls have it so difficult because we don't have a place just for us, where we can be open and honest about our (totally normal) feelings for Danny without having to censor ourselves out of fear of being ridiculed or harassed and eventually feeling that we're the bad people. Girls, there's nothing wrong with you-- you've just got a crush! I will make sure you know that.

:heart: DIVAS is also proud to support the message of respecting Butch Hartman's wishes by not allowing any slash or mature/sexual material on this site.

The kind of disrespect often shown towards Mr. Hartman is not so much done with certain kinds of artwork but with harsh attitudes towards the art, towards Mr. Hartman and other fans. We really, really don't want to take part in any actions or artworks that will offend Mr. Hartman or other fans in any way (without judging others' actions in the meantime). This situation is a growing problem in the fan-base and will never, ever be present here.

As stated previously, Danny's DIVAS stands for love for one another, and its job to separate fangirls into a safe place away from danger is of utmost importance.

We'll protect you and make sure you know you're not weird or strange, but cherishable-- just like Danny himself would want to make you aware of that, I'm sure; once he's aware that you genuinely love him as your very own hero, too.

Feel the same way? Join today!
also visit our forum: Dannylove




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So have I- from the very beginning, too!! :heart:
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I only hope that the good chunk of them that joined DIVAS are having fun and making wonderful friends, like I did :heart:
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