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The fans of Danny Phantom gather here.
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Jul 21, 2009


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Fan Club

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I know this group has been pretty quiet lately, but I don't really use this site anymore. I'd welcome people to apply as contributors to make the approval process faster for everyone! Please send a little bio and/or info (If there's no text box, send a note!) on why you'd like to apply, and someone will approve or decline. I still have a soft spot for this group, but i'm not too interested in this site anymore. Crazy though that I started it when I was 11!
I appreciate you all,
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Ghost Boy by Imaplatypus
22. Memories by Leneeh
Christmas At The Fenton's by Leneeh
Ember McLain by ElisEiZ
really great art.
Take me home finished by black-shaddow-walker
Wishes finished by black-shaddow-walker
What is your wish master finis by black-shaddow-walker
Two of a Kind by LadyKalliope

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Dark Danny by hublee91 Dark Danny :iconhublee91:hublee91 5 2 Page 13 by xwocketx Page 13 :iconxwocketx:xwocketx 10 5 Future Vlad and Future Dani by TrojanHalks2012 Future Vlad and Future Dani :icontrojanhalks2012:TrojanHalks2012 155 37 DP: Danny Phantom of the Opera by Donteatacowman DP: Danny Phantom of the Opera :icondonteatacowman:Donteatacowman 14 18
Ghost King Chpt 4: DP
Chapter 3
Previously: Watching as the humans scattered, Dan shed his human disguise. Black hair turned to white flames, hands became claws, teeth elongated into fangs, eyes went from blue to red. With the change complete, the infamous DP symbol stood out for all to see.
The effect was instantaneous. Those that saw it gaped, speechless as they saw an older version of Public Enemy #1. Dash's incredulous cry broke the silence, "Phantom?"
Everyone remained silent at Dash's declaration. Danny stood still, stunned at the revelation of his secret. Taking advantage of his enemy's shock, Dan hit Danny in the chest with an ecto-blast, sending him into a nearby table.
Regaining his senses, Danny ran from the table to hide behind a booth in the back. Knowing that his secret was out, but unused to everyone knowing, Danny used the secluded corner to transform.
A ring of white light traveled up and down Danny's body, replacing his worn white T-shirt and blue jeans with the signat
:iconrandomxcreeper:RandomxCreeper 7 6
Foresight: DP
Throughout the night, I had difficulty speaking, my newly returned memories dominating my thoughts. I was anxiously awaiting the dawn, wanting nothing more than to hold my son tight and never let go. However, I needed patience. Danny would be returning early the next day, and dwelling on the future would not make time pass any sooner.
As I lay in my bed, I wondered how we had survived the explosion. My last conscious memory of the ordeal was a blinding flash of white, then nothingness. How had we survived? What had happened to that second Phantom?
I shuddered at the thought of that foul ghost, the creature that claimed to be my son. That thing would never be my son. Danny was a kind, loving child; not a cold-blooded murderer.
But it was a possibility. Had things turned out differently, that could have been Danny. Dark Phantom's words echoed in my mind, "You don't get it, do you? I'm still here, I still exist. Which means that you still turn into me."
That taunt was not meant for
:iconrandomxcreeper:RandomxCreeper 16 11
Obsessed by deaderrose Obsessed :icondeaderrose:deaderrose 75 8 A Goth's Worst Nightmare.... by deveress1912 A Goth's Worst Nightmare.... :icondeveress1912:deveress1912 27 19

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Welcome to Danny Phantom Fan’s Club! A club made just for the fans by the fans of Danny Phantom. In this club, all types of art is aloud, cosplay, yaoi, yuri, traditional, digital, whatever! So please join us and share with us your artistic abilities and show us how big of a Danny Phantom fan you are…and we will be sure to join you in your spazzing.


1.) NO RUNNING IN THE HALLS [ all actions regarding the group must be confirmed by the group founder TyFell this includes hosting contests or other events, this does not include submitting deviations]

2.) LOOK BEFORE YOU CROSS THE STREET [There will be a minimum of a one month waiting period between most group events and contests]

3.) WASH THAT MOUTH OUT WITH SOAP [No cursing, and no profanity]

4.) SHIRT AND SHOES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES [Please do keep in mind that Danny Phantom is a kids show and that there are KIDS looking at YOUR art so if your artwork/fan fictions call for a mature warning, please do put a warning on the deviation]

5.) TURN OUT THE LIGHTS BEFORE YOU LEAVE [Any deviation that is submitted to the group that has nothing to do with the group's intentions will be removed and the member will receive a note explaining why. If it continues the member will be banned from the group.]

6.) CHECK IN WITH THE OFFICE BEFORE YOU JOIN CLASS [If we have an activity going you want to join in,You must join our group.]

7.) PLEASE DON'T DRAW ON THE DESKS. [Comics should be submitted first page only,or cover page. This is to insure that our members are not spammed with 50 pages of a comic. Only exception is if you talk to us about it.]

Ok, those are the rules for the group. These rules are put in place to keep order in the group and to keep things from being too confusing for new members and for visitors.




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Boxing Championship - Valerie Grey by Jose-Ramiro
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Vlad Plasmius Felt Doll by SamTheMoose101


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