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Kind of early, yeah, but figured I'd wish you all one.
Pardon my deadness again, my brain's just not been working and jobsearch has been taking up a lot of my life.
It's been some time since I did A Shaman's Tale, a Transformice inspired story revolved around avatar Derpaderpy, as narcissistic as that sounds, which wound up halting after the first quote-unquote "novel", and somewhere after its predecessor, The Revival. It ended in 2014, and had originally included a plethora of characters requested to be added to the story by the community, that both entered the story and left it respectively, be they a main character or even just an extra.

However, at the time, I wasn't really sure of my abilities as a writer. Now that I've broadened my horizons some, I've been debating reviving the series once more, bigger and HOPEFULLY better. However, there will be a few changes to simplify things for myself-

-The five adventurers will be reduced to just the protagonist, though he will pass by villages and tribes populated by characters, and even sometimes pass by them on his way from village to village. All you need is to Note me informing me if you want your character(s) as a part of the story.

-Injuries will be more commonly in a cartoony manner, like a door being slammed in someone's face when said door opens.

-I won't fucking rush the chapters to submit them ASAP. I'll actually try to take my time with them.

What do you folks think? Should I go for it?
One reason I've been kind of dead in here is because I've begun to phase out of deviantART. I'll come back every now and again to check my messages but it's hard to find anything to actually do in here now.

Next, my internet is going to be gone on March 4th. So there's that...
Sorry I've not been around for a while. DeviantART's been a bit of a dead site for me as of recently.

In fact, I've been spending more time gaming and talking to people on Discord. Which reminds me, here's my Discord account:

Let me know who you are when you send me the request! >.<
I've been sort of dead because of two reasons:
1. I've been looking for work as of recently because I don't have college anymore.
2. I've not really been able to think of any lyrics and the like.

I'm keeping this journal short and sweet because I'm tired, and my brain is still on startup mode.

Anywho, feel free to comment some love, hate, whatever, It's all fun feedback to me.

Take care, fellas, you're all awesome.
Megalovania lyrics are on the way! I've been holding it back due to college work, but since I'm almost out of college and the tutor isn't around to tell me what to fucking do I'm gonna be getting it done in my spare time.
I'm so sorry…

And no, the video isn't mine.
* heh.
* heya, kid.
* how's it going? i'm sans the comic.
* come on in, we've got burgers and so much more.
* stay a bit, you can hear my terrific humour.
* take a sit, it looks like to me your legs are sore.
* but, don't think twice, i know all of your dirty secrets.
* so don't try shit, or i'll end your fucking life.
* but hey, if you're good, i will show you around snowdin town.
* it's so great, if you're not a fucking murderer.
* shop at the shop, you can get some delicious sweet buns.
* they'll heal you in battle, butyoubetternotgetintoanyfightscuzi'llkillyou.…

It's time for a tie breaker! Megalovania and Death By Glamour both got three votes each after five days, so now we'll see which one you'd like more! Don't be discouraged, though, I will still be working on the other sheets that you guys asked for!
Sudden CORE membership. Can't say I'm not thoroughly surprised at this.
Many thanks to the deviant who gave it to me, you're a star. ;3;…




<da:thumb id="603303935"/>
Give it a look-see!
But I need your help!
Please comment what you want me to do!

Currently done:
~Snowdin Town
~His Theme

There are many more that I can work on...
Graphics designer and artist for the Pokémon Company, Eric Medalle was killed in a freak accident on the 15th March, 2016 at the age of 42. He was taking his daughter for a drive in his SUV when a windstorm kicked up. During this, a tree was knocked over in the storm, which landed on and crushed the SUV, which may have likely killed him immediately. Miraculously enough, however, his daughter managed to survive.

I have no words for this... Other than how disastrous this event is. May he rest in peace...
In case you haven't yet noticed, TeamFourStar, the channel that creates the series, has been terminated from YouTube, apparently due to multiple third-party complaints.

Just thought I'd share the info.…

*hey there buddy chum pal friend buddy pal chum bud friend fella bruther amigo pal buddy friend chummy chum chum pal

*i dont mean to be rude my friend pal home slice bread slice dawg

*but i gotta warn ya if u take one more diddly darn step right there im gonna have to diddly darn snap ur neck

*and wowza wouldnt that be a crummy juncture huh? do u want that?

*do u wish upon yourself to come into physical experience with a crummy juncture?

*because friend buddy chum friend chum pally pal chum friend

*if u keep this up then well gosh diddly darn

*i just might have to get not so friendly with u my friendly friend friend pal friend buddy chum pally friend chum buddy…
Who the fuck is cutting the onions?

Massive spoilers for UNDERTALE, if you haven't played it, go do it!

A thought has been going on in my mind ever since I got into Undertale. Ever since looking at the theories, I've been trying to piece things together and an epiphany struck in my mind. I believe that, instead of Frisk, you, as a player, are the embodiment of Chara to begin with.

You name the "Fallen Human", supposedly to be Frisk, but at the end of the Genocide run it is all revealed:

Chara's "determination" and "human soul" apparently belongs belongs to Frisk.

You know Frisk is the 8th fallen human because Flowey asks if they're new to the underground at the start of the game, and is being mistaken for Chara because they look so similar to eachother.

The only small differences are the colours of the clothes they wear, their hair style...
In fact, they look completely different in terms of appearance, because even the hairstyles are different.

In the end of the Pacifist ending, Flowey tells you that someone still has the ability to reset everything: You. He doesn't associate you with Frisk, but as a player.

You've been controlling Frisk, and apparently, so has Chara.

That smiling sprite at the end of the Genocide run may turn out to be the reflection of your consequences.

Chances are, I believe you'll still think Frisk is Chara because of the end of the Genocide run, when you kill Asgore, Flowey claims that he's "your best friend", much like when he became Asriel in the Pacifist ending.

However, Chara had been dead the whole time. Flowey doesn't know it's Frisk this time, because at the end of the Pacifist run, if you choose to reset everything, you reset everything. Including Flowey's memories. He had lost all awareness of who Frisk was, and now just thinks of them as a new human who fell into the underground.

Once again, Chara has been dead this whole time. It wasn't them actually being controlled in the run, it was Frisk, of which was supposedly possessed by the spirit of the first fallen child to begin with. However, if they were possessed, they would be out of your own control. You, Chara, have the ability to reset the timeline.

And finally, what is the last thing Flowey says at the end of his Pacifist run speech? "See ya' later... Chara." However, you can replace "Chara" with any name you want. Because you're the one naming the child.

There are probably countless flaws in this theory, but what do you think? Lemme know in the comments.

Passed away at the age of 69. He was a marvel and I'm sure we will all miss him.

I don't exactly have much else to say.
Note: I did not make these nicknames, but I will list the few that I invent on my own. These nicknames are due to Asgore's "killing the humans" spree, or however you wanna put it.
Anywho, here we go! Try not to laugh!

  1. Asgore ‘King Kindergarten Killer’ Dreemurr
  2. Asgore 'Spike The Tyke’ Dreemur
  3. Asgore 'Ankle-Biter Beater’ Dreemurr
  4. Asgore 'Crying Child Crusher’ Dreemurr
  5. Asgore 'Non-Senior Citizen Slayer’ Dreemurr
  6. Asgore 'Toddler Terminator’ Dreemurr
  7. Asgore 'Munchkin Murderer’ Dreemurr
  8. Asgore 'Innocent Infanticider’ Dreemurr
  9. Asgore 'Punt The Runt’ Dreemurr
  10. Asgore 'Mourning Mother-Maker’ Dreemurr
  11. Asgore 'Child Coffin Collector’ Dreemurr
  12. Asgore 'Youngster Euthanizer’ Dreemurr
  13. Asgore 'Splat The Brat’ Dreemurr
  14. Asgore 'Be Mean To Teens’ Dreemurr
  15. Asgore 'Maybe Killed A Baby’ Dreemurr
  16. Asgore 'Gerber Grow-Up Plan Gleaner’ Dreemurr
  17. Asgore 'Preschool Purifier’ Dreemurr
  18. Asgore 'When They Hit The Flowers, They’re Dead In Hours’ Dreemurr
  19. Asgore 'Extra-Small Exterminator’ Dreemurr
  20. Asgore 'Kiddy Cleanser’ Dreemurr
  21. Asgore 'You Must Be This Tall To Live’ Dreemurr
  22. Asgore 'Crueler for the Preschooler’ Dreemurr
  23. Asgore 'Offspring Annihilator’ Dreemurr
  24. Asgore 'Get Rid Of The Kid’ Dreemurr
  25. Asgore 'Infant Slayer Player’ Dreemurr
  26. Asgore 'Stabbed Some Kids Through The Ribs’ Dreemurr
  27. Asgore 'Trust Fund Refund’ Dreemurr
  28. Asgore 'Playground Flaying Round’ Dreemurr
  29. Asgore 'Adolescent Suppressant’ Dreemurr
  30. Asgore 'Youthanizer’ Dreemurr
  31. Asgore 'Out Of The Womb, Into The Tomb’ Dreemurr
  32. Asgore 'No Longer Married Cause Some Kids Got Buried’ Dreemurr

(To be updated)