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"Being a Shaman isn't easy these days. Having heard of the two new Skill Trees that Team Atelier had managed to master and teach our world... I don't know if they want us to help eachother... Or kill eachother. We have five options of Shaman Skills: Mechanician, Spirit Master, Cheese Keeper, Wildling and Physicist. As a Cheese Keeper, our duty is to ensure our disciples get to the cheese and back to the hole safely. As a Spirit Master, we watch over the mice, belittled with elegant feathery wings, and as a Mechanician, we experiment to make different contraptions. When we were successful, we attained 'Hard Mode', or as I like to call it, 'Second Rank Shaman'. We have certainly pleased our goddess with our Shaman abilities.

Now, with bonus feathers granted, we must use contraptions without Red Anchors, but we have been granted a new power... 'Totems'. This takes up a lot of energy, but these 'Totems' can be either very helpful... Or very deadly. You see, Totems can be created in any way you want. You're directed to a spiritual realm where you can design your Totem when you summon it, which could be either for good, or for dark and horrible evils. As a standard Shaman, it's bad enough that the Trolls usually spend a minute of the two they have to awaken the Anvil God, but to actually summon the enraged God will take many. But if you play your Totems right, the Goddess will grant us with one more challenge... Mastering the Divine Shaman.

Now being the most powerful kind of Shaman, equipped with the same luscious wings you can always get from mastering the Spirit Master Skill Tree, you must guide your disciples without any Totems, and only Blue Anchors. This is a true test of strategy for many a Shaman, of which only a select few will manage to overcome. All of the skills you have managed to attain throughout your quest to be the best are now extended further as you now have to become a master of Divinity. You cannot call yourself a professional Shaman until you have managed to attain an understanding of Divine Shaman Strength.

But, however, the two new Skill Trees make it all different. The Physicist Skill Mastery gives you a chance to turn a mouse's body into an electrical discharge which mice can bounce on to get to safety. It's an interesting little knack a Shaman can have, since it is completely indirect and harnesses the bodies of mice. Granted, the victim who dies could have the Clean Mouse ability, allowing them to become a bubble. But to have something else in case the bubble doesn't appear can come in handy, and may save more lives.

Then the Wildling Skill Mastery allows the Shaman to become... A cat. Yes, it allows a mouse Shaman to become a creature that has been our predator for a long time, and even increase their speed and jump height. You'd think the Shaman would lose control of their natural instincts and just kill its disciples. Team Atelier may have a trick up their sleeves with both of these Skill Trees, but to think what they will do in the near future will likely cost all of us our lives.

We all have our chances to be Shamans. Some of us want to please our Goddess, some of us want to bring pain and chaos. But either way, our society will be brought down if Team Atelier doesn't do anything to balance these problems.

I was once a Shaman like you, but now, I am a wanderer. To anyone who may get this message... Run. Run as fast as you can, and don't look back lest you become like me."

I found this message when exploring the ruins of a recently attacked town. Ever since reading it, I have become curious as to where this Shaman is now, and what he is doing. I need more explanations. So I am going to set off to find an explanation.
I haven't done a Transformice story in so long, I figured I'd try my hand with a new story.
Please, let me know what you think of the story, even if it's just a few words, and if I should continue this in the future. ^^

Made for the purpose of truly discovering the new Skill Trees.

Transformice (C) Atelier801
imikaya Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your literature titled distress whereas your passage was about shaman skill trees. I don't see how the two concepts are linked together. Also, some of your ideas appear like opinions rather than a story. I am amused that you found this LONG message when "exploring the ruins of a recently attacked town".

I reckon you shall begin your story with an adventure into the ruins of a town and then slowly progress into discovering a secret passage underground where you find walls crafted with the shaman skills before you go into the details.
Dannyman12 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
It'd be a chain of stories, but I wasn't too sure on what to name the main series. 'Explanations' will just be the first part, to which the character learns about the "truth". Nobody will truly know what the "truth" will be.
I dunno, I was extremely freaking tired when I wrote this, and I'm not one for the aim of realism. ^^;
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April 2, 2015


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