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I replicated the original logos, and here's the link.

Alright, these are the recently versions of the remakes of probably the two most famous Pokemon games. I really liked the logos when I saw them, so I knew I had to go give it a try on Illustrator once again.

It may not be accurate, cause the names in japanese cover a bit of the design, so I tried to interpret it the best I could.

P.S. Just in case, I don't own the logos, I just own, if anything, this deviation. Hope you like it!


P.S #2

Ok everyone, just in case, I updated this deviation because I got the notice that the logos in the American version actually show up a bit more of these, and reveal that there is indeed a fourth leg for Lugia's icon, and Ho-oh's icon also showed a bit of a difference, so I took care of that in my replications. Hope you like it!
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Hi! would just like to mention I used your logo in my latest logo design for a LP <-- and have given you credit accordingly for the icon :) Thank you for saving me a couple of hours lol