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Love by DannyFields Love :icondannyfields:DannyFields 1 3
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Coming Out :icondannyfields:DannyFields 31 60
All The Things We Were Called by DannyFields All The Things We Were Called :icondannyfields:DannyFields 47 64 Fabulous Forecast by DannyFields Fabulous Forecast :icondannyfields:DannyFields 60 89
My Heart Grows For You
Every step you make,
Every breath you take,
Each smile you bless me with...
It makes my heart grow.
The way you laugh,
It's music to my ears!
I cherish every moment you're here.
I love that shy grin
And how oblivious you are at times...
I've never felt this way.
This is real.
You're not perfect.
You're insecure.
But then I just get to compliment you more. :heart:
And tell you that I love you...
Because I do.
You take my breath away.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
:icondannyfields:DannyFields 30 98
Florian by DannyFields Florian :icondannyfields:DannyFields 7 63 Brilliantasmic by DannyFields Brilliantasmic :icondannyfields:DannyFields 12 10
Declaration of Individuality
We, the youth and citizens of the world, find the following truths to be undeniable: All human beings are created equal; they were endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, which shall not be suspended, denied, or prohibited by any person, group, or government. Every person has the right to be who they are, no matter how different their lifestyle is from the "norm" of society (unless they are harming others through crime). Every person has the right to love whoever they wish, for true love is never wrong. We recognize everyone as an equal being to us in every way, no matter the color of their skin, their beliefs, or their sexuality. We accept all as they are, and we will not force our ways of life upon them.
We pledge to keep true to ourselves and our true identities, no matter who tells us that we are lesser than them because of it. Despite all of the oppression we may face, and the torture we may endure, we will never give in our surrender. We will never let anyone di
:icondannyfields:DannyFields 19 47
Florian's Journal Cover - Flap by DannyFields Florian's Journal Cover - Flap :icondannyfields:DannyFields 1 3 Florian's Journal Cover 1 by DannyFields Florian's Journal Cover 1 :icondannyfields:DannyFields 0 0
How the Prince Became A Star
Once upon a time, in a different world, a poor, handsome young prince named Florian was trapped in a tower. He had been tricked by a dragon into believing that there was a treasure in the tower, and he was imprisoned. Florian spent much of his time trying to discover an escape route in the tower; unfortunately, there was no such thing. The dragon guarded the tower very carefully.
Florian worried that he may never find a way back home, and began to weep woefully at his window one night. He chanced to look up and saw a bright star twinkling in the distance. He wished upon that star that someone may come and rescue him from the tower.
Just then, the star began to become brighter, and larger! Florian watched it for a moment until he realized that it was heading straight for his tower! He ran downstairs, and was halfway down the tower when the star crashed into Florian's room, spreading stardust everywhere. The room glowed very brightly, and Florian became curious as to why the entire tower
:icondannyfields:DannyFields 6 8
The Sock Yeti by DannyFields The Sock Yeti :icondannyfields:DannyFields 5 10 Cartoon Me by DannyFields Cartoon Me :icondannyfields:DannyFields 3 34


Gold by Bizkit66 Gold :iconbizkit66:Bizkit66 29 16 Golden autumn by Bizkit66 Golden autumn :iconbizkit66:Bizkit66 44 31 Epic rainbow by Bizkit66 Epic rainbow :iconbizkit66:Bizkit66 16 4 Fire waves! by Bizkit66 Fire waves! :iconbizkit66:Bizkit66 23 13 Epic 2 by Bizkit66 Epic 2 :iconbizkit66:Bizkit66 41 64 Unnatural nature by Bizkit66 Unnatural nature :iconbizkit66:Bizkit66 16 4
One Giant Step for Mankind
To all of you that supported my previous journal entry, on my thoughts towards anti-gay sermons, I am forever grateful, and in awe of your support. To hear an anti-gay sermon from my favorite pastor was heartbreaking, not to mention infuriating. It reminded me of the burning, vicious hatred so many people have towards the LGBT community, and how people choose not to believe in God because of the wickedness done in His name. It is disturbing to see how many people are willing to destroy the lives of others, all the while using religion to condone damnation. It sickens me.
Once again, I would like to say this: while I do believe in God, I do not have any issues against those of different beliefs, or no beliefs at all-unless their mind set condones harm towards one's self and/or others. I failed to mention the latter half of that in my last journal. As long as you don't use your beliefs to inflict harm, I have no issue with you.
In the last couple of days, I've been reading about the A
:iconluna-bell07:Luna-Bell07 4 3
God: Weapon of Mass Destruction?
:bulletpurple: This morning, my family and I watched a sermon from our favorite pastor, Dr. Charles Stanley.
He normally hits it home with me, delivering messages about God's unwavering love, and how Jesus Christ died on the cross for His children, and eternal compassion. But this morning, we were definitely on two different pages, because all he talked about was death, damnation, and how all of God's unholy children are going to burn in Hell for all eternity. In his sermon, he included gay people and everyone else that doesn't follow the Ten Commandments.
In other words, according to that sermon and a Hell of lot of other people's sermons, absolutely NO ONE's going to Heaven. Except newborn babies, people that live under rocks, and animals. And you know what? At the very end of today's sermon, Dr. Stanley said: 'God, please don't turn away any of your children'. 'Friends, please accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior'.
That sermon alone would've turned off a whole TON of people t
:iconluna-bell07:Luna-Bell07 4 10
Celebrate Yourself.
My mom and I were sitting in a hair salon yesterday, waiting for my little sister to get her hair done.
Unbeknown to Mom, I was reading gay guy romance novels on my Kindle.
Guys were getting it in the ass, and it was told in beautiful detail.
While many people act as if gay guy sex burns their eyes, like Satan's poison, I read the sex scenes like a child reading her favorite storybook. And remember: I'm a 26 yr old, straight female. Reading gay guy sex scenes.
I love being me.
Love being yourselves. Love your awesomeness.
Celebrate your uniqueness.
:iconluna-bell07:Luna-Bell07 2 9
Spirit Day
:bulletpurple: This goes out to the victims of injustice.
You hide behind curtains because the world sneers at you, whenever you take the stage. Strangers and even those closest to you are cold and cruel, hellbent on treating you as if you're nothing. A waste of life. Simply because of who you choose to love.
The truth is: you're far more beautiful than every star in the sky. You're worth more than every jewel put together. Your light is precious, valuable, and when you share it with your significant other, the two of you complete that beautiful, heavenly light.
You are more than wonderful. You deserve to be seen and heard.
You are human. You aren't worthless and unholy.
Love is love. It is as pure as the snow, and warms you like sunlight. Like all other humans, you deserve to love, and be loved. When you find your special someone, your heart sings. And all should be all right, but it isn't.
You aren't alone. You'll never be alone. I'm behind you, and so are many others.
Many use God a
:iconluna-bell07:Luna-Bell07 5 2
Rose Garden by Fearless-Zombie Rose Garden :iconfearless-zombie:Fearless-Zombie 3 2 Raindrops on roses by Fearless-Zombie Raindrops on roses :iconfearless-zombie:Fearless-Zombie 2 3 Sure... by DarkSora01 Sure... :icondarksora01:DarkSora01 12 229 CSD Mannheim 2012 V by engineerJR CSD Mannheim 2012 V :iconengineerjr:engineerJR 10 0 CSD Mannheim 2012 Water Tower I by engineerJR CSD Mannheim 2012 Water Tower I :iconengineerjr:engineerJR 12 4 CSD Mannheim 2012 City Hall IV by engineerJR CSD Mannheim 2012 City Hall IV :iconengineerjr:engineerJR 19 0


Hey sweethearts!! Thought I'd let you know I'm alive and well. Florian and I are moved in together, and both have jobs, which is why I haven't logged on in like MONTHS. But I thought I'd let you know i am thriving. I've been through a few trials, but with the help of friends and my love, have gotten through them all safely. =) Hope you're all alive after these months and doing wonderfully. Life is tough, but also about experiencing the good as well as the bad.



Danny Fields
Artist | Student | Other
United States
I started drawing cartoons in middle school just as a hobby, and that's pretty much what it has remained as. I draw cartoons mostly to entertain my friends, so I don't exactly have "mad skills", but hey I'm not that bad either! ;) Sometimes I write, I haven't exactly grasped poetry, but I do like to write rants or arguments. You may occasionally see a short story from me, or just a little scene from some obscure movie in my mind.

I'm a very social person, and I pay attention to what's going on around me a lot, especially politically. I am not afraid to question my authorities (nor should you be!).

I'm gay... and I am not a flame, I am a WILDFIRE! I have no shame in my sexuality, and I don't see why others should be ashamed of theirs. Everyone is entitled to their own lifestyle.

If you wish to contact me, for whatever reason, here is my e-mail:

:thumb273704507: I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw Stamp - Religious Hate by Fullmetal-Phantom


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