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Just letting people that the Kickstarter for the Nexus board game is in its final two days. It doesn't look good for them to get funded unfortunately. And I have to admit that I am a bit disheartened about that but, hope springs eternal so maybe something crazy will happen between then and now.…
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Update: Still have some books available, signed with a head sketch on the inside back cover. Email me if interested at

For about a month I'll be selling my new sketchbook for $20 with free shipping (yay) US only (boo). 

The book features some pieces that haven't been posted online as well as a cover that :iconjoeslucher: beautifully colored.

EDIT: Forgot to mention the book is 32 pages.

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I'll be at Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio this weekend along with :iconvikingmyke: at the D-Verse Publishing booth (#1060). If you're attending feel free to stop by. I'll be selling my new sketchbook and doing commission sketches.

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Just wanted to mention that a project that I have been involved with for almost 5 years has a Kickstarter running. It's for a sci-fi/horror Cthulhu-based range of miniatures. The primary artists involved are myself (concept art), Roberto Chaudon (sculpts) and Stefan Kopinski (concept art). There might be some others involved as well that I don't know about so there it is.…

And here are some of the creature designs I did...there's a ton of stuff no one has ever seen before.…

Please, feel free to share and/or contribute if you're so inclined.

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Are there any other art sites besides this one and artstation (which is super stringent now-cant even use a legit phone number to verify an account but evidentially phony FB accounts are ok. yeah, whatever). I'm beginning to feel like it's kind of weird to only have one place online so....

Thanks in advance


Update:Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I did make a tumblr for starters and will be doing some others when I get more time.

Second update: Got the Artstation problem fixed.
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Terrible, terrible decision to CGI Rosa Salazar's face. She already has somewhat anime-ish facial features to begin and I assume that was at least part of the reason she was hired. Not only is it unnecessary but, its distracting as well. Anyway, I was a big fan of the Viz comics back in the day and was hopeful for the movie but, it seems like its going to be another Ghost in the Shell. 
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I was one of the featured artists interviewed for Codyzine. It's a fanzine about artists and art-related articles (like the importance of drawing hands)

If anyone is interested, you can email: and ask for codyzine7, it's totally free.
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Just wanted to share a cool video that :iconsupernalbeing: made on youtube.
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Thanks for the birthday well wishes! I really appreciated them.

I should have something new to post in a week or so.

Take care,
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a few weeks back i wrote a little step-by-step article, for the quickposes gesture drawing site, going from a raw gesture to a fleshed out figure. it has some of my thoughts regarding my thought process when im drawing a figure. check it out..

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still have some copies left, I'm mailing out a batch later this week. if anyone is interested, just note me.

I'm selling copies of my sketchbook, vol.4
each copy will be signed and have head sketch on the inside cover.
the cost is $20 which INCLUDES s+h
note me if you are interested

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i'm the featured artist on the quick poses gesture drawing site. check it out :)



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just wanted to mention that i'm in the current issue of imaginefx magazine (cover date april 2012). im in the section where they feature various artists from deviantart. really awesome as i had no idea about this.. i was actually in the book store the day before i heard about it and imaginefx is one of the magazines i like to look through but, for whatever reason i didnt that day. i can't imagine the shock it would've been to look through the mag and see that without warning ha ha ha....