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Warduke sketch

Another year, another warduke sketch
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I've still got that toy in deep storage. Along with several other toys from that line.
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Cool. I remember having Warduke, strong heart and that little goblin guy.
The Half-Orc Assassin? I liked the Elf myself as he had the good sense to stay back and shoot people with a bow. Also, elves were OP AF and that appealed to my adolescent power gamer mind.
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Yeah, that guy. I had a neighbor that had fang fortress (I believe that's the name) and some of the giants and we'd get together for epic adventures.
I still have them in deep storage. I also have a generic two headed dragon someplace. The one head looks good the other they totally phoned in.
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Oh man this takes me back. Good stuff.
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Love the classic look!
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Cool that you did this in color. Been a while since you've done a colored one. 
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yeah, i'd like to do more colored work
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GREAT COLOR! You really made it pop like the retro D&D toys/cartoons. You did another Warduke piece that is one of my favorites, but I think this new one is even better.

I had the Strongheart toy when I was little. Best thing about it was the art on the box!…
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Thanks. Yeah, I had forgotten about that painted artwork on the back of the box!
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Advanced sketch as I like to call it!
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Super👍👍 ça m'a rappelé mon enfance dès que j'ai vu ce dessin. Je n'avais ni vu la série à la télé ni connu les comics,ais les jouets oui, et je l'avais en jouet celui-ci. Merci d'avoir réveillé mes souvenirs.
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Glad you like it!
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I think he was in only one episode of Dungeons & Dragons, and I did not remember him from it, but he's a very cool looking character.
Great job as always, Daniel! Love this more gritty style!
nice sketch, better than most warduke's I've seen
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I remember having this toy
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