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Thunderous FRKN page 2

I was supposed to do a big comics project late last year that ended up not happening. I had notes and rough layouts for about the first dozen pages, so I decided to use them as the basis for this short sequence. It was supposed to be 3 pages but, I just don't have the time to devote to it anymore...but Im open to revisiting it by doing the 3rd page a little later.
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cool what great drawing of thunderous is awesome and fantastic is one great work congratulations friend:D :)

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That’s so cool!!! ^_^
Dark5layer's avatar
It's soooo DETAILED!!!!
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Thx, glad you like it!
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Good. BUT. Too many details. I cant see clearly who is who...
dannycruz4's avatar
Me either and I drew it lol
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That's some nice line art
KruseCorp's avatar

You're clearly talented! I hope you find the time to finally get back to this!

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Thanks but i won't be revisiting the material other than maybe the 3rd page. 
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great stuff! lots of detail but it's still very easy to read. how long did it take you to make this?

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Thanks. Page was about 3 days work spread out over like 2 weeks time cause I had other stuff to do and I was doing it in my spare time. 
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Nice skittlz. Hope your making some cha-ching. You deserve it.
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Thanks! Give me all the moneys
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This comic needs to happen.
dannycruz4's avatar
Most likely not ever happening but thanks anyway :)
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Looks like Trap Jaw vs Whipplash
vikingmyke's avatar

Looks like Franky is getting the shit choked out of him. Where's Frau Blucher when you need her?!

dannycruz4's avatar
Young Frankenstein reference, nice
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