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Water Mage

"Water Mage" V 2.2 [04 December 2011]

Created with Adobe Photoshop CS5

PLEASE comment and give your feedback :D



3 December 2011 (9:50 pm JKT)

Thanks to all who give some great feedback and suggestion,
Especially :icondviouslecunning: and :iconnffanart:. I'll never make this if it isn't because of you guys :)

Cheers ! :beer:



:bulletblue: :iconailinstock: - MODEL

:bulletblue: :iconsuntanna: - BACKGROUND
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can I use it for an online rpg if i put the link and credits?
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amazing art btw
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Looks awesome! I have some question about him:

Does he have a name?
What's his alignment?
Which spell he's preparing?

I really liked this charismatic mage and I want to add him as an NPC to my roleplaying game if you don't mind :)
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1.You can call it Ailin. It is the real name of the model
2.Good side :p
3.Water spell, his magic power will increased when its rain.

OMG, are you serious about this? cuz I'm getting very exited!! :excited:
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Liked the name, it looks original and can be remembered easily. But, he looks like Chaotic Neutr more than a good guy.

I will need you to describe that "water spell". Water is just a type of the spell, please be more specific :P

I'm writing a scenario right now for 6+ level heroes, and I will need a lot of NPC for this campaign. I was checking #Fantasy-Arts thread and saw this work and really liked. And, with your permission, I will use this image to identify an NPC ^^
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This looks so cool! nice job!
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Yeaah, really nice!! Keep going ;)
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Gorgeous! I love the glow in the eyes!
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Impressive work! Great job on textures very cool effects and very good job on lighting! more power to you!
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Hold on a second, Water Mage? Wasn't that from Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.
By H.P Lovecraft... Took me a minute to see it, but it looks exactly the same.
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Really :dead:? Actually,
I don't know what Cthulhu is. Is that some kind of novel, game or what? :confused:

Can you give me the links or somethin for the image of the Water Mage of cthulhu?
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It's a game, that was based on a book, of a so called crazy author. I can't find any pictures of it, but in the game they looked a lot like this.
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Really cool! At first I thought the water was blue lightening until I looked closer at it. ^^; But it really is a good picture. Oh! And I like you avi btw. :D
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You're welcome! :meow:
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That's really cool. I love the robe.
The glowing water is a really cool effect.
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Woooow, it's glowing...
AND of course it's make the whole things look so awesome!
Nice work
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i like how you made the face and the glowy thing looks amazing!!
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Cool :D Looks a whole lot better. Keep up the good work :thumbsup:
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