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Random from Fantasy Jewelry

Yume by XSakuXSakuraX Yume :iconxsakuxsakurax:XSakuXSakuraX 11 4 Brooch 016 by Sompy-Stuff Brooch 016 :iconsompy-stuff:Sompy-Stuff 8 3 Purple topaz by nonomie Purple topaz :iconnonomie:nonomie 34 8 Lava bracelet by OlgaC Lava bracelet :iconolgac:OlgaC 60 26 Once Apon A December by neko-crafts Once Apon A December :iconneko-crafts:neko-crafts 42 37 Twilit Forest Earrings by sojourncuriosities Twilit Forest Earrings :iconsojourncuriosities:sojourncuriosities 22 45 Dichroic Clouds by amazonite Dichroic Clouds :iconamazonite:amazonite 36 6 Pieter's Fires by amazonite Pieter's Fires :iconamazonite:amazonite 10 2 Mystic Tear by amazonite Mystic Tear :iconamazonite:amazonite 23 4 First Love 1 by UncleMou First Love 1 :iconunclemou:UncleMou 16 13 KORALE 'MEKARE' by bizuteria-bizu4u KORALE 'MEKARE' :iconbizuteria-bizu4u:bizuteria-bizu4u 44 3 Samma by Bev-Choy Samma :iconbev-choy:Bev-Choy 35 26 Blood and Chocolate Completed by DesireeMorte Blood and Chocolate Completed :icondesireemorte:DesireeMorte 65 32 Boro with Peridot Necklace by CrysallisCreations Boro with Peridot Necklace :iconcrysalliscreations:CrysallisCreations 8 30 Multi Gemstone Necklace by Bella1892 Multi Gemstone Necklace :iconbella1892:Bella1892 11 4
:iconpurpleheartsplz:Just a few friend's Gorgeous Jewelery made of all our Dreams, Hopes and Loves! I hope you enjoy! :blowkiss:

Random from Artisans Craft FUN

Felt Cupcake phone charm by fruits-basket-head Felt Cupcake phone charm :iconfruits-basket-head:fruits-basket-head 2 0 Quilted Needle book by fruits-basket-head Quilted Needle book :iconfruits-basket-head:fruits-basket-head 0 4 Rose Glass Beads and Ribbon by fruits-basket-head Rose Glass Beads and Ribbon :iconfruits-basket-head:fruits-basket-head 2 0 Wire Wrapped Beads by AgtBauer24 Wire Wrapped Beads :iconagtbauer24:AgtBauer24 1 0 Swarovski Crystals by AgtBauer24 Swarovski Crystals :iconagtbauer24:AgtBauer24 2 0 Metallic Green Dragon by ChimeraDragonfang Metallic Green Dragon :iconchimeradragonfang:ChimeraDragonfang 8 4 Gold Bead Dragon by ChimeraDragonfang Gold Bead Dragon :iconchimeradragonfang:ChimeraDragonfang 54 39 Bead Dragon Instructions by ChimeraDragonfang Bead Dragon Instructions :iconchimeradragonfang:ChimeraDragonfang 2,836 842 Magenta Solaris Rainbow by ChimeraDragonfang Magenta Solaris Rainbow :iconchimeradragonfang:ChimeraDragonfang 22 11 Chained Red Quintile by ChimeraDragonfang Chained Red Quintile :iconchimeradragonfang:ChimeraDragonfang 29 10 Untitled Pendant I by balthasarcraft Untitled Pendant I :iconbalthasarcraft:balthasarcraft 15 17 Wisteria Bracelet by balthasarcraft Wisteria Bracelet :iconbalthasarcraft:balthasarcraft 13 16 Briars by balthasarcraft Briars :iconbalthasarcraft:balthasarcraft 11 16 A Brief Respite by balthasarcraft A Brief Respite :iconbalthasarcraft:balthasarcraft 25 53
Lots of love in here :icongrin--plz: As well as FUN :iconcarameldansenplz:

Random from Chains and metalworks

wall flowers by metalmorphoses wall flowers :iconmetalmorphoses:metalmorphoses 11 10 wall flowers detail by metalmorphoses wall flowers detail :iconmetalmorphoses:metalmorphoses 7 6 Seahorse by metalmorphoses Seahorse :iconmetalmorphoses:metalmorphoses 50 23 Rowena Necklace by jujusjewelry Rowena Necklace :iconjujusjewelry:jujusjewelry 1 1 Guinevere Bracelet by jujusjewelry Guinevere Bracelet :iconjujusjewelry:jujusjewelry 5 2 Olivia Bracelet by jujusjewelry Olivia Bracelet :iconjujusjewelry:jujusjewelry 5 0 Desert Fae Necklace by jujusjewelry Desert Fae Necklace :iconjujusjewelry:jujusjewelry 15 6 Simplicity Bracelet by jujusjewelry Simplicity Bracelet :iconjujusjewelry:jujusjewelry 2 0 Peridot - Tree of Life by Moon-Willow Peridot - Tree of Life :iconmoon-willow:Moon-Willow 15 10 Rachel and Violet by Starlit-Sorceress Rachel and Violet :iconstarlit-sorceress:Starlit-Sorceress 18 0 Midnight on the Ocean by Starlit-Sorceress Midnight on the Ocean :iconstarlit-sorceress:Starlit-Sorceress 99 35 Pixie Garden by Starlit-Sorceress Pixie Garden :iconstarlit-sorceress:Starlit-Sorceress 166 49 Spotlights by Starlit-Sorceress Spotlights :iconstarlit-sorceress:Starlit-Sorceress 21 2 Amazon Rainfall by Starlit-Sorceress Amazon Rainfall :iconstarlit-sorceress:Starlit-Sorceress 40 11 Forest Seashells by Starlit-Sorceress Forest Seashells :iconstarlit-sorceress:Starlit-Sorceress 27 8 A Peacock in a Pine Tree by Starlit-Sorceress A Peacock in a Pine Tree :iconstarlit-sorceress:Starlit-Sorceress 10 0
Beautiful Artworks by some wonderful artisans! :iconflowerheartplz: :tighthug:

Random from Rockhounds

Rainbow Basin by atomicrick Rainbow Basin :iconatomicrick:atomicrick 6 2 Rainbow Basin by atomicrick Rainbow Basin :iconatomicrick:atomicrick 1 2 Cornetite by greenzaku Cornetite :icongreenzaku:greenzaku 2 3 Purple fluorite by greenzaku Purple fluorite :icongreenzaku:greenzaku 22 20 Blue Topaz by greenzaku Blue Topaz :icongreenzaku:greenzaku 8 4 Spessartine garnet by greenzaku Spessartine garnet :icongreenzaku:greenzaku 5 6 Mystic topaz by greenzaku Mystic topaz :icongreenzaku:greenzaku 12 10 Limonite 'Devil's dice' by greenzaku Limonite 'Devil's dice' :icongreenzaku:greenzaku 1 8 Nephrite jade by greenzaku Nephrite jade :icongreenzaku:greenzaku 16 6 Lab-grown green quartz by greenzaku Lab-grown green quartz :icongreenzaku:greenzaku 3 4 Zincite by greenzaku Zincite :icongreenzaku:greenzaku 3 5 Amber by greenzaku Amber :icongreenzaku:greenzaku 8 2 Fire Agate Eye Gems by jessa1155 Fire Agate Eye Gems :iconjessa1155:jessa1155 127 31 Whelk Shell Crystal by GeneveveX Whelk Shell Crystal :icongenevevex:GeneveveX 5 5 Gemstone Chips by AgtBauer24 Gemstone Chips :iconagtbauer24:AgtBauer24 1 0 Tourmaline from China 5 by The-crystal-healer Tourmaline from China 5 :iconthe-crystal-healer:The-crystal-healer 2 0

Random Favourites

The Heart of Mari by lauraborealisis The Heart of Mari :iconlauraborealisis:lauraborealisis 271 108 Le Petit Prince by pteradaktell Le Petit Prince :iconpteradaktell:pteradaktell 4 0 Prague clock by pteradaktell Prague clock :iconpteradaktell:pteradaktell 2 0 Pendant with portraits by pteradaktell Pendant with portraits :iconpteradaktell:pteradaktell 1 0 Easter Island by pteradaktell Easter Island :iconpteradaktell:pteradaktell 1 0 Starry night by pteradaktell Starry night :iconpteradaktell:pteradaktell 4 1 Dali by pteradaktell Dali :iconpteradaktell:pteradaktell 3 1 Gaudi earrings by pteradaktell Gaudi earrings :iconpteradaktell:pteradaktell 1 0 Starry night 1 by pteradaktell Starry night 1 :iconpteradaktell:pteradaktell 6 0 Zurich earrings by pteradaktell Zurich earrings :iconpteradaktell:pteradaktell 2 0 Le Petit Prince 1 by pteradaktell Le Petit Prince 1 :iconpteradaktell:pteradaktell 5 0 Las Casas cubanas by pteradaktell Las Casas cubanas :iconpteradaktell:pteradaktell 1 0 Zurich by pteradaktell Zurich :iconpteradaktell:pteradaktell 3 1 Klimt. Water snakes by pteradaktell Klimt. Water snakes :iconpteradaktell:pteradaktell 4 0 Hundertwasser 2 by pteradaktell Hundertwasser 2 :iconpteradaktell:pteradaktell 2 0 Kandinskiy 1 by pteradaktell Kandinskiy 1 :iconpteradaktell:pteradaktell 3 0

Newest Deviations

All Blues 2013 by DAnnsCreations All Blues 2013 :icondannscreations:DAnnsCreations 12 11 Good Night Sweet Prince Chubby Checkers by DAnnsCreations Good Night Sweet Prince Chubby Checkers :icondannscreations:DAnnsCreations 2 21 Ashes March 11 2013 by DAnnsCreations Ashes March 11 2013 :icondannscreations:DAnnsCreations 3 25 Ceiling Down August 2012 Coffee Station by DAnnsCreations Ceiling Down August 2012 Coffee Station :icondannscreations:DAnnsCreations 2 35 My Brown Snake necklace by DAnnsCreations My Brown Snake necklace :icondannscreations:DAnnsCreations 7 12 Butterfly Fun : dedicated to Mombeam by DAnnsCreations Butterfly Fun : dedicated to Mombeam :icondannscreations:DAnnsCreations 8 22 Rubies and Rubber, a different kind of necklace by DAnnsCreations Rubies and Rubber, a different kind of necklace :icondannscreations:DAnnsCreations 6 5 A Busy Office for the Two of Us by DAnnsCreations A Busy Office for the Two of Us :icondannscreations:DAnnsCreations 6 25 Tiger's Eye Heart necklace by DAnnsCreations Tiger's Eye Heart necklace :icondannscreations:DAnnsCreations 22 34 Tiger's Eye Heart pendant by DAnnsCreations Tiger's Eye Heart pendant :icondannscreations:DAnnsCreations 9 5 BlueMoon and Stars set by DAnnsCreations BlueMoon and Stars set :icondannscreations:DAnnsCreations 7 10 Roses and Rubies set by DAnnsCreations Roses and Rubies set :icondannscreations:DAnnsCreations 31 43 Elizabethan Rose Quartz by DAnnsCreations Elizabethan Rose Quartz :icondannscreations:DAnnsCreations 16 31 Peaches and Cream Set by DAnnsCreations Peaches and Cream Set :icondannscreations:DAnnsCreations 14 19 Exotic Cherries Necklace by DAnnsCreations Exotic Cherries Necklace :icondannscreations:DAnnsCreations 16 11 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone by DAnnsCreations Happy Thanksgiving Everyone :icondannscreations:DAnnsCreations 12 51
:iconflowerheartplz: Just a few beauty's :iconflowerheartplz:

Featured Artist


:star: :iconkonekokaburagi: :star:

Keith has been helping me over at EtsySellers His art is in Taxidermy, a fanascinating way of preserving the body of dead animals ... :blowkiss:
:heart: Sweet skies by KonekoKaburagi :heart:
Gray Fox Faces by KonekoKaburagi SCAT kitten on by KonekoKaburagi Bobcat tails for sale by KonekoKaburagi Plush kitty with milk by KonekoKaburagi Samson Cross Fox by KonekoKaburagi My soft stuff :) by KonekoKaburagi

Mature Content

Pale Coyote by KonekoKaburagi
Emergency Happiness kit... by KonekoKaburagi
and who can resist a kitty? :blowkiss:
Holley by KonekoKaburagi Round cat by KonekoKaburagi Pretty Kitty by KonekoKaburagi




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Happy Labor Day!
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Peggssss :wave: :glomp:
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Thanks 4 the points!! :D
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:love::boogie::dance::heart::blowkiss::star::blowkiss::heart::dance::boogie::love: Love you all!
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happy new year my friend !!!
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My deviantART Story

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 6:04 PM
:iconcarameldansenplz:Supporter of the Positive:iconcarameldansenplz:

:spotlight-left: Check out my meager site at D'Ann's Creations :spotlight-right:


Happy Birthday deviantART

First time I came to deviantART was on a suggestion of my children.  They kept saying, Aww Mom all you do is play Shanghei, don't you want to even look at the internet?  I laughed and hid my fears and said, okay, show me.  Oh boy did they show me, the things I saw, here see just a few of my favorite's from the past ...

Blossoms + Black Lacquer by phee-adornments  Swan Box by herunfinishdpainting  Desert Dancer - 15 by mjranum-stock  Blue Fangs with Pears by AnnAntonina  Tudor Gown 2 by Needle-art19 

Then I looked around and found paintings and other awesome things, here see for yourself ...

dragon mural by nebezial  As the Sun Sets by rainbowtse  El Pescador 18x24 pastels on canson paper by PortraitsbyTorres

I got to know some Fantastically imaginative artisan's like Katie or :iconsnowmask:  here are only two of my favorites from her gallery ...

Sea Wings, 2012 by snowmask   Made Like No Other by snowmask

And all the jewelry Artisan's, first a creative young man who took his art and used it for something special to help another person feel good about herself once more, and what a way to show his awesome talent...

Empowerment by wylieblais

and for many more ...

Moss Rock Necklace by CrysallisCreations   Steampunk Neo Victorian Bracelet - Purple Glass by CatherinetteRings 
  necklace 79 by KirkaLovesJewels   necklace 177 by KirkaLovesJewels   necklace 125 by KirkaLovesJewels   necklace 249 by KirkaLovesJewels   necklace 19 by KirkaLovesJewels   necklace 270 by KirkaLovesJewels  
Sacred Waterfall - handmade Pendant by Ganjamira   Frozen Lightning Coronet by razzigyrl   Copper Bracelet by twistedjewelry   Grainstone Choker by BloodRed-Orchid   Peacock Feathers Ear Cuff by ShirNek0

Afterlife by AbandonedMemory   SOLD Natsu the summer caribou poseable doll! by CreaturesofNat   -SOLD- Methystos the amethyst dragon art doll by CreaturesofNat   SOLD Poseable Phoenix with moveable jaw art doll by CreaturesofNat   PhotoGrid 1395512312426 by xMona007x

<da:thumb id="365795077"/>   <da:thumb id="334220608"/>   <da:thumb id="318949894"/>   <da:thumb id="400632673"/>   Long White Petticoat- July 2012 by Caliypsoe

And all this started with this picture of Mom's Ring  :woohoo::la:

:la:   Mom's Ring on my hand by DAnnsCreations   :la:

Thank-you deviantART for letting me enjoy this AwesomeSauciness site!

Happy Birthday!  :love:

Blessings of lots of FUN,


:iconsomeconfettiplz:THE GANG:iconsomeconfettiplz:

My Family

Sadly :iconquicksilverbear: has passed away June 2013

My Daughter and Son

:iconejnova: :iconlainloveplz: :iconfudgeking:


:spotlight-left: becomeTHEchange stamp by insaneone becomeTHEchange by insaneone becomeTHEchange stamp by insaneone… :spotlight-right:

:heart: DigitalPhenom Stamp by Lauraest :heart:
Journal CSS Made By DigitalPhenom :glomp:
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DAnnsCreations's Profile Picture
Peggy D'Ann
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United States
The Hopeless Dreamer Hopeless Dreamer by SsGirlo:iconflowerheartplz:

Hi, my name is Peggy D'Ann, but you can call me Pegs, Sister or Aunt ;P I came to deviantArt to see what my children were up to, found all kinds of Wonderful art and Artists so decided to stay. :D Have found so many good friends as well as new family too!

I love to do quite a variety of things so it is no surprise that this place would inspire so many of us to enjoy all kinds of art.

My education started at a young age, due to my parents being Teachers. :D My younger Sister and I were their guinea pigs, they tried all Art, Music, Science and Math projects on us first! We had a rich existence, with a thirst for knowledge in all things. That thirst is being quenched here at dA and that is Phenomenal! :w00t!:

Though I Love chocolate, it does Not like me :love: so for all you chocolate fans :blowkiss: and can't forget the candy fans :blowkiss:
I luff chocolate by prosaix Candy makes me happy by mxlove

For :iconseniormentors: :love:
Artistic Categories / Specialities: Artisan Crafts

June 9, 2010 - Eyranne accepted me as Mentor, she has an awesome gallery :woohoo:
Update : March 2017 :iconeyrannecrafts: Check out her Dragons :wow:
:thumb482189591: :thumb478312231: :thumb444749762: :thumb459729267: :thumb478569711: :thumb459271852: :thumb437105690: :thumb492638637: :thumb450072578:
and look at these ... Adorable
:thumb438486962: :thumb478379240: :thumb480320840: :thumb481174197:

:iconflyingheartsplz: SMP Support Stamp by RockGirl1582 :iconflyingheartsplz:

:kiss: I Love My Group Stamp by TheRyanFord:kiss:

Favourite genre of music: all types, Classical mostly
Favourite style of art: Fantasy, Sci-fi,
Operating System: Linux Ubuntu
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: laughter is the best medicine for all that ails you!

A Cool stamp from the late, great Nameda :heart: Miss you honey! :(
:iconlainloveplz: Gangstas of Love stamp by Nameda :iconballoonsplz:

A Beautiful Gift for Life


:spotlight-left: Empowermentt :spotlight-right:

This piece was made in Celebration of life, please go and let your love show for a Wonderful young man :iconwylieblais: wylieblais made this piece as a commission. :blowkiss: I feel it was more than that as she touched his heart and what came forth is the most beautiful form of love and beauty, well see for yourself ...

Empowerment by wylieblais

Blessings of Beauty and Love,



I Love dA and all the Artisans here! I thought I was seeing lots of wonderful art with the over :star:3100+ deviants whom I watch, then Someone told us HOW MANY deviants join every day
:faint::faint::wow::faint::faint: :woohoo:
:iconlovehug::love::icondancedanceplz: I Love This Place! :icondancedanceplz::love::glomp:


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It's June 26th which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team :love:

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Thanks For The Watch by michaelsboost

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Hello Peggy, Would you be interested in a cake for cake?

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Have some free Art too, for your Special Day :) (Smile)
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