Muro... Who knew??

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Way to go DA! I've been having a great time doing these last couple of drawings with the help of your Muro program. It's not only fun in trying to experiment, but it allows people to see how you really put it down. I'm going to try and really give some instruction on how I draw with this. Notice as I say "how I draw", there really is no one way. But by doing so, maybe you can use some of my tips or techniques to help you discover new possibilities for yourself. Thanks for tuning in guys!
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Im really happy you have been making these tutorials / walkthroughs .. I look forward to more from you when you get the time they are incredibly helpful!
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You really seem to get into it... I still haven't got the end of it...
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Seriously dig all the work you have been putting up on MURO. Fun as hell you see how you put something together.
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that muro thing IS nifty. Go for it =D:horns:
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Yes, let the lessons begin. :iconappleplz: Apple for the teacher!
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I've been greatly enjoying watching you draw on it. I was kinda surprised you didn't throw down the usual "stick figure" building block drawings when you first start. It's like you draw on a whim instead of planning things out. Very interesting.
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Your past couple of drawing have really opened my eyes! I I'm very taken away by the way you handle anatomy which is something I am still struggling, but see how other artists like you tackle this hurtle really helps me out! Thanks so much!
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Thanks guys, I know it adds perspective to the work when you see how the cake is baked. I'll do some instructional stuff soon that is more clear on just the methodology. Thanks for watching!
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I've been enjoying the heck out of watching your Muro drawings. Thanks for posting them!
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every piece is very enlightening, allowing us to see a pro's way of thinking, posing, composition etc. Thanks a a lot is very helpful!
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It's a real kick in the teeth.
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for me in particular its about seeing what you Pro's start with and what you end up with. Most of the time we"the fans" are just in awe of a finished product and never quite know how you got there. seeing this is akin to standing next to you while you draw and for me this is very instructional and a confidence builder by seeing that it looks much like what i would do in sketch phase but seeing how a pro applies techniques to polish that same sketch. So pls keep putting them up, i fave them all the time and would absolutely love to see more! best wishes...Carlos!
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Veree eenteresteeng. I've been watching your Muro stuff and I wish I knew how to use the darn thing. Of course, I also wish I had a decent drawing tablet... but I can't draw without looking at what I'm doing.
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Love the drawing you have done so far.
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