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What can I say, it's pretty cool that in an hour you can throw something down and share in a profound way. I just dropped another ThunderCats pic for fun. Check it out. One thing I'd love to see is a special designation for a search that showcases others Muro drawings. Maybe I'm just inept, but I tried looking and didn't come across much. I'm gonna pump this Muro thing up as I do more how I draw segments and keep playing with this fun program! Thanks again DA for the ride!

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Dear Mr. Dan Norton.
I am a big fan of Thundercats 
and I have watched the entire season 1, I'd like to say that I respect your version, and I'd love to ask you a few questions. I know it got cancelled after season 01 for many reasons. I have a heared about the interview and I have some questions:

1. Will you continue the series?
2. About Pumyra the character, will she become a hero soon in the next seasons instead of get mutated and died after tried to kill the Thundercats for what happened to her? She seems to be like a person who's just misguided and blame people for everything without second thoughts.
3. Can Warner Bros 
cooperate with NETFLIX to continue the series? Netflix have done a fantastic job on Voltron Legendary Defender and about to have a new season.
4. Do you wish to continue the series and when will you continue it?
5. There are alot of people wanna see this Great Series continue. Even thought its just more than 100 but will you continue it soon?

Please reply. I am looking forward to speak with you sir. Thank you.
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I love your drawings of Pumyra! please add some more! I would love to see some big enough for a 1900 wallpaper.
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freaking good stuff Mr.Norton
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I've tried using the DAmuro, but it's quite hard for me to handle the mouse... it's quite rebell uwu
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THe Pumyra one is now my wallpaper. Amazing work man.
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there should totally be a Muro filter for the search. It would be a great way for dA to promote Muro and their thing.

Anticipating your next Muro segment.
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Do care for the fans who plead to for requests? XD
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