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Soul Sever concept

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Published: June 1, 2012
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I'm putting this out there to get a little juice flowing for episode 24 of ThunderCats going. This is the was one of the first pieces I did for development on the new series. I was just coming up with villains as a possible one offs go. I had another character from a MMOPG called Soul Sever, and somehow that just stuck to this guy. The story came from this piece. For now he'll just be a mystery so you'll have to tune in!
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MailedKnightHobbyist Writer
This guy had a really dark arc (well all the characters have dark arcs but they didn't beat around the bushes with this guy's or even try to make it cute).
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DanLuna General Artist
This was a cool character! I loved his design!
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Was a cool villain. I really wish this show would come back. 
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This is one of the coolest characters of the season. Some people call him Soul Reaver instead, like the PS1 game, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. LOL
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oh moy lord, i just simply adore this guy! i hope to see him again!
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Badass undead magic robot dude!
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very cool looking character
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EbonyleopardProfessional Traditional Artist
:iconfiskefyren: internet tough guy and master debater.
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TerraZin50Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great concept. Seen this episode and it was awesome. Dan you are the man.
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you'll clearly never become a movie director...
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EbonyleopardProfessional Traditional Artist
They found a good VA for him, though I gotta admit, at first I couldn't get the idea of an evil Ratchet stealing the souls of people to experiment on didn't run through my head.
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EbonyleopardProfessional Traditional Artist
it's amazing what you can get away with on tv now a days. The very concept of a 'soul' reaper would never have made it in the original series (specially using the word 'soul' itself).
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SpeedslideHobbyist Digital Artist
This guy, with Jeffrey Combs voice, was equally creepy and still sympathetic. Not as creepy as that thing the Tygra-shell turned into, of course. ^^ Another great design. ^^
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LOL! just saw the episode... and why the fuck does his heat vision sound exactly like the one they use in predator?
thats just silly... as far as i recall heat visions doesn't even make any sound XD unorginal show is unorginal ;)
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meh... now that i look at it, it didn't really like this episode very much... its like an anti-technology ad, like its the most evil thing in the world... why couldn't they do that with religion instead? stupid show -_- technology progress is good, not bad... it is just humans that suck to use it "right".
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EbonyleopardProfessional Traditional Artist
Are you trolling. And as for the comment, It's not an anti-technology ad because Lion-O himself says that he can't condemn technology because of how people choose to use it, that it's not the tech it's the people who use it for good or ill.
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true, but how many kids would get that over all the over the top "anti-technology" ads that were in that episode? if they wanna do "the evil of technology" thing, then why not do "the evil of religion" thing as religion has way more deaths on its hands than any technology does.

i fairly disliked this episode... the only good thing about was the design of the soul server, even his personality came out sucky... not to mention the starting plot of the story were thrown aside after the first 5 min or such... it was a pretty bad written episode that seemed to serve only as an anti-tech ad, with a very poor attempt at the moral that you mentioned...

and don't call me a troll just because you might disagree with me or is it because your religious that you came up with the "omg must be troll if he insults the stupidity of religion"
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EbonyleopardProfessional Traditional Artist
They would probably get it because it was said in same episode? SHRUG (Well kids, and I suppose adults) who pay attention to all the stuff going on in the episode anyway.

I commented on the 'troll' part not because I agree or disagree with your statements, but because of how you expressed them. I'm sure it's possible to express an opinion that sounds intelligent and informed without having to resort to cursing and hyperbole. Frankly, I'm not even sure where you're getting the religious statement from, if you commented on that, I over looked it due to being distracted in the low form of word choice.

For me, the episode simply told the good and bad uses of technology and the people who choose to use it for either or, not that technology in of itself is 'bad'. A hammer for instance can be used for good (used to build things that are useful to people), or bad (used as a weapon to cause physical harm to people), but ultimately how the hammer is used is not the hammer's fault but the fault of the person using it.
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the way the overplayed one part and then had the other heavily undertones? isn't that almost like yelling: "GOD IS GREAT!" and then whisper: "but he'll let you burn in hell no matter what anyway." well, isn't it? that is a very weak way to get a message along the way... unless ofc that you favor one side over the other... then it makes perfect sense!

i write like i talk, not many are fond of it, but i'm not here to make friends, so calling people trolls seems kinda pointless, even if they are, the best way to counter them is not to comment ;)

the religious statement? well, if they thought it was so important to mention the "evils" of technology, then why not mention the "evils" of religion? after all, religion has more deaths than technology (and anything else for that matter) on their conscience, that is all.

yeah, but to me at least that message seemed very weak (and i even study psychology on level C) and came across rather poorly, which is also why i said what i said, where i also said that technology isn't the bad thing, its the idiots who wield it that is, just like you said and just like i mentioned before.

but i have to be fairly honest, this show has been a disappointment since the plot episode.
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EbonyleopardProfessional Traditional Artist
Well, like you said, nobody is forcing you to watch it, no one is forcing you to comment on the stuff related to a show you are disappointed in. A hobby perhaps?
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freedom of speech my little fanboy troll, now fuck off, i've grown sick of your amateurish fan-troll behavior.
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I like the girly feets :3 reminds me of starscream from transformers prime!
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