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Acient sporits of evil, transform this decayed form into Mumm-Raaaaaaa, the ever-living!
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A seriously CREEPY baddy 😱.

It SO stunk how the 2011 series was screwed by the network and we instead got Thundercats ROAR! 🤮 It was SO AMAZING and they had to go the way they did with Teen Titans and Ben 10 and obnoxiously focus on humor instead of good story.

I hear you dude. In terms of story, the 2011 version was the best in the entire franchise. I'll admit that I haven't seen much of the original series, but I have seen enough to get that the first reboot was more story driven and intense than the original series. I'm hoping that the 2011 series gets enough recognition to be revived due to it now streaming on Hulu and because the franchise has been given some attention due to the newest reboot. I know it wasn't good, but at least it made a new generation aware of the franchise. I even made a petition to help bring it back if you're interested:

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I never saw the original either, but I agree. The story, acting and artwork were FANTASTIC! It may get more attention due to being on Hulu, though I'm a bit unsure of it coming back, much as I'd love it to. Many of the actors are no doubt busy with other projects as this pandemic is finally wavering (word to anyone out there reading this, GET VACCINATED! IT SAVES LIVES!) Sorry 😅. Anyways, the creators already DID sort of give us fans closure by gradually revealing what COULD have happened at conventions and online. Here, here's a list from TV Tropes:

One good thing however is that with all this info, there's the chance to write OUR OWN fanfictions and fan works and continue the good work. I'm actually thinking of writing my own fic based on the 2011 version where a boy from our time is sent to Third Earth due to an ancient artifact. It's sort of based on this fanfic, The Jewel of Omens by PurpleTurtle21, but with some significant differences. Not sure WHEN I'll get to it, but hopefully eventually.

maybe, but I strongly prefer to actually see it happening with my own eyes instead of just reading about. Just feels much more satisfying going at it that way than just telling us what will happen. I have actually seen that website and it actually made me crave a second season even more because I wanted to see it happening firsthand. With modern steaming services, you have to admit that it might just be easier on the show if it aired new episodes on Hulu since it won't be given a bad schedule and we can just watch whatever episode we want, anytime we want. Can't explain why, but I just really feel that the show would do a lot better if it were to be revived with so many new services available for tv shows.

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Not gonna deny, I kinda wish that too. You do have a point though. It IS possible a second series could happen for perhaps HBO Max and the original cast COULD possibly get on board. After all, look how long it took Incredibles 2, Finding Dory and The Croods 2 to come out after the first movies premiered (plus, they all had practically all the original cast too with some exceptions.) Young Justice got new life on DC Nation and HBO Max after many fans petitioned for the return. And I don't think ANYONE planned for a She-Ra reboot and that one took AGES to come to Netflix once the original ended and it brought a BUTTLOAD of new interest in the series. Even the show SWAT Kats is stated to possibly get a reboot, but the creators are having a bit of trouble getting someone to take it, especially in this difficult time.

Still, no offense, but don't think I'm not gonna hold my breath too much. But who knows? :shrug: rvmp

None taken, I understand that believing something is someones own choice. I don't hold anything against you for it. I do appreciate that you see my point on the matter and agree that it is possible.

Hey man, is it a good sign when the petition you make to revive an old show that was cancelled prematurely was liked and retweeted on twitter by one of the voice actors for said show? And that person is Robin Atkin Downes AKA Mumm-Ra's voice actor. You gotta admit that's pretty exciting.

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