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Doctor Who the animated series

Well, what was close to happening didn't. Since the BBC eventually passed on, you will be rewarded with! This is the pitch poster I had only 7 hours to do. Starting to with first Doctor, the series would have touched on all the versions and filled in some gaps.
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germanchap's avatar
I would love Big Finish to get animated!
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I hate to be a thorn in your rose bush, but there was an animated Doctor Who called The Infinite Quest, so they did touch on animating the Doctor, but I guess it was just the Tenth Doctor. 
tokomoxo's avatar
because I did not explain a thing! so you start doing animated series if you leave them at the end with no end? To me you are a real motherfucker, forgive me but it's true
LarryBundyJr's avatar
The Beeb are always funny about the Doctor Who license,   they were going to make a prequel of when he was a child before Russell T. Davis Nixed it.

And there's also the whole pitched Nelvana Doctor Who cartoon in the 80s that was also canned.   Though The Doctor looked like Egon from The Real Ghostbusters in it! :D
DFSergent's avatar
This would have been amazing.
FeeVerteMex's avatar
I hope that the BBC brings back this project.
Agent00Soul's avatar
I will bet money that this happens someday.
isorod's avatar
Amazing, great stuff. Too bad Dr. Who is very cool.
Bob-The-Stickman's avatar
This would've been really cool if it had become a thing. I'm sorry it didn't.
alorix's avatar
I;m sorry. I'm a bit thick. Does this mean Doctor Who was going to have an animated mini series?
DanNortonArt's avatar
It was a pitch for a series. The BBC entertained the notion, but ultimately passed.
alorix's avatar
how long ago was this. Because I recall seeing somewhere that Doctor Who has increased in popularity.
Issun-bbtf's avatar
Awesome art ,actually a animated series would be a good way to revisit some of the older doctors without having to raise the dead.
WDisneyRP-BadPete's avatar
((I'm speaking out of character: but THIS IS WHY WE PITCHED THE IDEA BBC, YOU THICK COCKERS!))
Medallion2012's avatar
It's a shame this didn't become a reality.
BLADEDGE's avatar
coincidently, I had that same idea
Shinchanman's avatar
that's a pretty neat ideal i would of watched it. i wonder if they would of got the doctors of their time to do voice overs.
LightOfTheStray's avatar
One day we'll see it come to life. One day...
onenine72's avatar
Doctor Who: The Animated Series would've been great.
Tetzauh's avatar
Epic does not begin to describe it. If BBC didn't want to trans mit, maybe could have been made into a web series.
Jamibug's avatar
The fools! This could have been really cool and would have no doubt boosted viewership of the live action, particularly amongst newer younger viewers. Great poster.
Jarvisrama99's avatar
AWWWW! This would have been great!
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