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P U R E v2

Introducing: P U R E v2

A major update from P U R E…


!!!This is For Vista SP1 x86 for Aero Enabled Editions!!!

The package includes:

Visual Style: P U R E v2
Rocketdock Skin

VS goes in C:Windows/Resources/Themes
Explorer goes in C:Windows
RocketDock Skin: C :Program Files/RocketDock/Skins

Disclaimer: Dont blame me if you mess up your system
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SoNiC4000's avatar
I have a question for you.
Could you make Pure theme for Windows 7 build 7100 RC ?
Ripken's avatar
That`s fresh! ->fav
TheMooDude's avatar
Very nice dude!!! Love the clarity of it.

Judging by the preview however; the search box in explorer is not themed the same as the address bar? Is the actual theme different? I'm not at home at the moment, so I can't exactly check it out properly; but you have been faved! :D
Dannocampbell's avatar
its part of the theme, i think why be the same as every one else:P
Thank You!! Love it!!
ornis's avatar
really nice.
can you make a version without the round on the details pane? thanks.
neilmccauley's avatar
looks fantastic, if i will use aero someday i will use this, it's perfect :thumbsup:
SoNiC4000's avatar
Nyaaa~~ I want this theme for Windows7 T_T
firekitsuna's avatar
such eye candy makes you wish you could eat it
rofl-mao's avatar
Looks very cool.. THAT vs in black would be awesome :D
You can make it black by using the "Change Window color and Appearance".
rofl-mao's avatar
yeah.. but it were cool, when the bars are black :D
yeah i think a black version would look nice too
PacMani's avatar
Very nice work. I like the startmenu. What I dislike is the shellstyle, But that is probably just me ;)
Dannocampbell's avatar
Well if you where making the shellstyle how would you have it?
PacMani's avatar
Not at the top, and no rounded edges ;)
lovesamy's avatar
Wow Greatt theme Thankss for sharing.
Very nice. It looks kind of off without the modified explorer.exe but other than that, it looks pretty solid. Good work! :+fav:
emecoelho's avatar
I like it!
Very good.
ballyhairs's avatar
I like the chicken in the background.
Dannocampbell's avatar
its a Sparrow Hawk LOL
LD86's avatar
Can you make another version with the details pain at the bottom please?
Dannocampbell's avatar
when i have time, i will i didt it for my old one
withsoul's avatar
Just don't replace .dll. maybe i am wrong..

anyway this theme is what i looking for.
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