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.:: Clear Vista ::.

Clear Vista ...

Well i have not really been on the scene for a while so i decided to share my current personal visual style with everyone

i have modified my original start orb
changed my Start menu size
Fixed window bugs
new Shellstyle :)
New user ID frame

this is just a simple Vista visual style with transparency and very easy on the eyes :P

So what do you all think ...?
Leave some comments on how to improve it ... and not i miss the shadow LAMO

Love Danno
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please add a variation that has shadows on the text
what does the custom explorer and shell32 do...?
thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Umm...silly question...How do you down load?
at first (like a year ago) i didn't know how to download anything on here... then i saw the plain blue text "Download File"
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How do I install it ?
Do I have to use UXTheme Patcher or something before I can get it to work in my Vista Basic ?
looks great and cool
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Awesome theme. Good Work!
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how did u take a screen shot like this?
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its a standard screen shot then it was edited using photoshop :P using reflections and curves... really simple
very good its nice

thanks for software ppl
Hey IT work pretty well thanks. But do you had this bar above the askbar??
how to install this themes?
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how come when i load it, it appears as windows classic?
how do you download these themes????????????????????
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click the download link on the left side of the preview
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Great Theme!!! I've been using for a month now and I was wondering if it was possible (and easy) to change the windows star button to something like [link] or something longhorn-like that is less invasive than the large one in this theme? I was just wondering because otherwise the theme is perfect for my use!! Thanks :D
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How do I use this? DD: It's sooo coool D:
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Hey dude! First of all, I want to thank you for making this great theme I'm using it now! However, after I've applied this theme (Yes, I've followed all the instructions in the readme text file carefully.), i noticed that my start menu has become much narrow/thiner than the one in the default Vista aero theme(Screenshot here:[link]). That's causing me feeling kinda uncomfortable when reading the texts(Program names, etc.) on the start menu. My question is that, is that possible that you can increase the width of the start menu in the next release or do you have any solutions for my problem?

Thanks in advance.
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yes there is add me on msn and if and when i have tiime i will change it for you
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hello this is the best vista theme! but..... i also have the same problem as ~Hza100 with the start menu. How do u increase the width of the start menu?
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