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Commission - Yugioh GX: Snooping Gone Wrong .5

Commissioned by: :iconfacilier357:. The prequel of Yu-gi-oh GX Fanart before: Commission - Yugioh GX : Snooping Gone Wrong by dannex009

These cards thieves got really tired of Alexis' loud mouth while we see Jaden yuki in shock.


* I owe my buddy Facilier357 a few $ because of his last commission project so we ended up making the prequel of his old Yugioh GX fanart. ^^; 

* Enjoy the DiD and Bondage fanart guys! :typerhappy:

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Sai Paint tool
Adobe Photoshop CS6 on effects
Wacom Intuos 5 Medium

Two Random thieves designed by me *dannex009 
Alexis Rhodes , Mindy, Jasmine, Jaden from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX. 
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😻 They all look great. 😍

Sailor-Touko667's avatar
Umm... Jaden..... don't just stand there, you idiot! Do something!
YamiBakuraZero's avatar
I'm sure he will do alway
soseztheleadr's avatar
Where is "Elemental HERO Neos" when you need him?
I know this may be a bit nit picky but why is there lock cat, key mouse, rescue cat and junk sychron in this image? Im pretty sure that those cards are in the 5ds show/era not GX. Other than that this looks "Absolutely Flawless" and man I wonder how Jaden is going to help them get out of this situation.
ScarletBloodRavenous's avatar
Great job with the expressions on this :D awesomeness
love the expressions and lighting on this one.
taemart's avatar
i like it, and the only thing i can think about after i see this is that thy are going to be tickled or tutore on there feet by thous boys
TraceMem's avatar
Pretty cute. Good job on their facial expressions.
mattjohn1992's avatar
great job. I love it. A+:) (Smile) 
Animatedbondagefan's avatar
All your gagged pics look amazing!Well done
MegaElekid947's avatar
lovely look thye look amazin
Kazumy's avatar
Wonderful work
apz5212849's avatar
Ming-GID's avatar
Jaden saw them shocked in the window and then he gets into the warehouse and tried to rescue them. But suddenly het gets knocked out by those two card thieves and found himself in a similar situation as them (tied n gagged). Jaden struggles and figured out wut to do and tries to call Jesse for help
more like jaden kicks their ass and rescue the girl
Ming-GID's avatar
mmm I don't think so
Sailor-Touko667's avatar
If Jaden can't do it, I bet his boyfriend/ bromance buddy could... especially since he's got that Rainbow Dragon of his!
ayanamiame's avatar
lovely girls in bondage and amazing details as always :)
DarkAnimeeny's avatar

I LOVE THEM!!! Awsowe work! Specialy over and about Aska Tenjouin A.K.A. Alexis Rhodes!!! Hyper adorable and simply awsowe! I just tried drawing Her a couple of times but not Yet their delicious friends or the 3 at the same time!

onedeathbleachnaruto's avatar
Can you do one or more with blair flannigan from yugioh gx maybe them tickling her feet!?!? please! :]
Salem-the-Psychic's avatar
Ooo it continued! :3 Wish Sarina was with them >:3
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