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F. A. Q. s

Can you draw something for me?
No, unless it's a commission.
Do you accept Point Commissions?
No, not now. :3
Do you accept PAYPAL Commissions?
Yes i do mate, just note me :3
Can you draw my OC for Commission?
Yes i can :D
What Program do you use?
I use Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Sai paint tool.
Are you a Tablet or a Mouse User?
I'm a Tablet user now, I use Wacom Bamboo Tablet CTH-470
Can i watch you and be my friend?
Ofcourse! 8D ill treat you nicely.
Request? Art Trade? Collab?
Only family and friends can do.
Can I add you on facebook?
Yes you can, Just note me and ill reply back my FB email 8D
Do you have Speedpaint/Painting video tutorial?
Right now, I don't have any.
Where's the prices for your commission?
Here you go:

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[Blustone] Pillow Buddies - Heidi by Yurie02 Patrone and Pug by Yurie02
Payment: Paypal
2018 Pricelist :
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Happy Belated New year
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Happy birthday
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your drawings are amaaaazing!!! <fangirling>
Mon Feb 29, 2016, 1:53 AM
Oh lol hi ramona :-)
Tue Nov 24, 2015, 4:59 AM
Notice me senpaiiiii XD
Thu Nov 5, 2015, 12:19 PM
bro Kamon is done, Rarity princess is next :)
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Hibutan is next
Thu Oct 1, 2015, 6:37 AM

Anyone here use Huion Pen Tablet Monitor? is it better than wacom pen tablet monitor? 

80 deviants said No. why?
32 deviants said Yes. why?

Hello everyone! I did a little part (Wholesome Artwork) on this Fanzine and i just want to share this to you guys.

Are you a Fan of Food Fantasy game on Mobile? or you're just a good guy who just want to support a local artist?

Pre-orders for "La Petit Amuse: Unofficial Food Fantasy Artbook" is now open!

Order here:

You can checkout the twitter account here for more sneak peaks :

*THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM* Orders will begin shipping out early January. Delays may occur for sets with acrylic charms due to unforeseen manufacturing delays.

*Pre-order ends November 30, 2018

* **********
This is an Unofficial Food Fantasy Fan Zine. All profits will be divided among the participants.

The book's specifications are as follows:
* A5 size (5.8 x 8.3 in) Page Size
* 46 Full colored pages * 25 full colored Illustrations
* 25 never before seen illustrations by 19 artists
* 4 zine exclusive never before read stories by 4 writers
* Perfect binded
* Printed in the Philippines

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Xen Eulaño
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Thank for Visiting my Page!

" Steal my Art and i'll Eat your Face! "

About me:

Name: Xennad Eulaño
Race: Filipino
Birthdate: February 28
Occupation: Graphic Artist/Designer | Cg Artist
Dominant Hand: Right Handed
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Tablet | Wacom Intuos 5 Medium
Programs: Adobe Photoshop | SAI Paint tool | Illustrator | Indesign | Coreldraw


Commission - I'll save you
Commissioned by: :iconxkeyxx: Deku (Midoriya Izuku and her OC Nozomi from Boku no Hero Academia / My hero academia

After many classes, training sessions and event they participated together it couldn’t stop what led to a wicked conclusion- as that Nozomi thought. It all began last night as they had been on an epic hero occurrence, still learning. Class 1-A solemnly earned the job in protecting a royal festivity for a few days and when Midoriya and Nozomi had their day off, they were having a great time outdoors until they were ambushed by a well-known and powerful group of villains. Her biological link to All For One was suddenly reveal and the villains started crushing her dreams on the spot of being a hero. That’s when Midoriya tried to leap into action but he was outmatched tremendously when taking on all four scoundrels and being beaten to the pulp. The group of villains then induced Nozomi to follow their lifestyle, become a villain just like. She quickly said her goodbye and left the area with them... A few hours later Midoriya was found and luckily, they had somebody with a recovery quirk. He told the group what happened and then All Might delve further into the topic as he been aware for some time but never thought it would go this far. It then strikes a core in Midoriya, he felt sorrow, a bit of anger as couldn't just let this happen, they are or were close friends. He was almost certain though she did it to protect him, from more damage being inflicted on himself so that’s when, he clenched his fist and vowed to find her, attempt in bringing her back and the students were all for this. Now, here is where he finally locates Nozomi, there a helicopter trying to land to be taken off the grid in this world officially. Nozomi was so crushed previously by what the villains told she was willing to put up a fight. Midoriya wasn't giving up though, he knew she was lying to herself about this whole thing as she spoke to him, saying stuff like she didn't want to be a hero anymore or they were never friends. Midoriya then simply said ‘’I’m going to save you.’’ Before he decided to defend himself and in some way, bring her home.


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Sai Paint tool
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Huion GT-221 Pro

dannex009 Art/color
Art Stream - Mobile Legends : Miya
Hey guys Hi!

I'm doing art stream every saturday on my Facebook page :

and this is what i did last Stream, Miya from Mobile Legends Bang Bang. I stream in Filipino language though. Laughing my ass off! Enjoy guys!
Commission - Iron-Max

Commissioned by :iconm2aster:. Max from Life is Strange Game.

Max's is taking a selfie with her new t-shirt that Warren gave her after she stopped Kate from jumping.

*Buttfly effect

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Sai Paint tool
Adobe Photoshop CS6
Huion GT-221 Pro

dannex009 Art/color
Commission - City Fairy
Commissioned by :iconm2aster:. Hay Lin from W.i.t.c.h cartoon series.

The wind blew coolly against Hay Lin’s skin as she soared between the buildings of Heatherfield. The weather was very hot today, so the cool wind made flying very refreshing. Hay Lin loved flying through the city, in no small part because she had the sky to herself. Choppers and planes weren’t allowed to fly this low or close to the buildings of the city as she did now and most of the other mutants of Heatherfield that could fly chose not to for one reason or another.

Will didn’t want to risk flying incase her powers ended up causing some electromagnetic interference and she got sued by the citizens of Heatherfield. Taranee didn’t like heights so flying wasn’t very appealing to her, preferring instead to have her feets on solid ground. Although Elyon could fly she preferred to use portals instead since they were a faster means of travel, and it didn’t draw as much attention from humans if she was careful. Matt – who’s great black wings made him look like an angel – tried not to draw unnecessary attention to himself so he to stayed groundside. Unlike Hay Lin, Matt could retract his wings into his body whenever he liked, thus he could blend in with the normal human population.

Hay Lin had never and would never say it out loud, but she did feel a little jealous of him and the others, they could pass for normal humans, and she couldn’t. Everyone could tell Hay Lin was a mutant at first glance. Her wings were too big to properly hide so she could never blend in anywhere. Everywhere she went people gave her looks, whispered about her, pointed at her or took pictures of her with their phones. Others threw garbage and insults at her, calling her mutie, freak, bug and other terrible things. 

She tried not to let it get to her, but it was very hard. That was another thing Hay Lin loved about flying, she could get away from all the bigotry and name-calling that existed down below. Up in the sky she was free from everything. 

She made a sharp turn as she passed another building then looped up and went into a sharp dive. She laughed in exhilaration behind her mask as she dived with ever increasing speed towards a towering building. She was almost five stories from the ground now, if she didn’t change course, she would hit the glass windows of the building in a few seconds. She bent her back and her dive turned into a rapid ascent. She soared upwards and almost skimmed the glass surface of the building. Hay Lin stared at the windows as she rapidly flew passed them. There were offices and conference rooms on the other side of the glass she knew, but she couldn’t see them. All she could see was her own reflection. Flying along the reflective glass felt like flying over still water.

She looked up and saw her destination rapidly approaching. There was a spire like beacon with several discs that stood on top of the building. She slowed down her speed and glided the rest of the way. She grabbed on to the beacon with her left hand and gently landed her feets on the top disc. Hay Lin pushed up her goggles on to her forehead and pulled down her mask and felt the cool breeze caress her face. 

The view from up here was breathtaking. The city spread out in all directions from her and she had almost a clear view of all of it. The city looked much different from above, much cleaner. Up here there was no sidewalks littered with discarded candy wrappers, no graffiti on the walls and no broken windows. Like a spiderweb the roads moved between the buildings, grouping them up in to gridded squares. The cars were nothing but small colored dots speeding along the streets and the people was all but invisible. Tall bridges spanned the few rivers that snaked their way through the city towards the ocean where the sunlight danced and sparkled on the water surface. 

“The others don’t know what their missing.” Hay Lin said with a broad smile. 


Enjoy guys! im not familiar with the character but i really enjoyed making this OMG MOAR POEMS!

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Sai Paint tool
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dannex009 Art/color
Commission - Deadly Hunger
Commissioned by: :iconm2aster:. Clementine from The Walking dead game.

Clementine opened her mouth and let out a long yawn. She had been walking for most of the day with little to no rest, the muscles in her shoulders and legs ached with exhaustion. She was hungry too, but she couldn’t stop to eat, at least not yet. She was almost out of food so she’d had to rationing what was left so that it would last her and Aj longer. By her own calculations they had food for another two days. She’d need to find more before then or they’d starve. 

The road she was walking on was largely empty except for two abandoned cars. Clementine didn’t bother stopping to search them since they had both clearly been ransacked of anything valuable a long time ago. Clothes, luggage bags and other stuff had been thrown haphazardly onto the road. Having been left to the elements for god knew how long all of it stank of mold and decay.

In the distance further up the road was a town. Towns and cities were good places to find food, they were also however very dangerous to go to. Either they were full of walkers or they had been taken over by other survivors, most of whom would shoot you on sight. 

Clementine had promised Lee before she shot him that she would stay away from towns and cities. The memory of that horrible but necessary act made Clementine sad. She had loved Lee like a father, and she always felt a terrible ache in her heart every time she thought of his death at her hands. 

“He was bitten. He didn’t want to turn into a walker. What I did was mercy,” she kept reminding herself, but it didn’t make her feel any better.

She had so far managed to keep her promise to him, but food was getting even harder and harder to come by every day and she feared that one day very soon she would have no other choice but to break it. Hopefully today was not that day. 

To her right was a small dirt road leading to a white two-story farm house. Having seen the state of the cars, Clementine knew that it was very likely that the house had been raided as well, being as close to the road as it was. Even if there wasn’t anything useful for her inside, the house itself looked to be an excellent place to stay the night. From his place in the forward-facing baby carrier on her chest Aj made a cooing sound and waved his arm in the direction of the house.

“That’s right goofball, that’s where we’re going to stay tonight.” 

She stepped off onto the dirt road and headed for the farm. When she got closer, Clementine became even more convinced that this would be a good place to stay the night. Sure, the paint had started to peel off the walls, moss and other plant life was growing all over the walls and the roof didn’t make the place look very good. The exterior of the house was in such a bad state that it looked like it had been abandoned to neglect even before the walkers showed up. The place had seen recent habitation, however. The windows on the ground floor of the house had been securely boarded-up with fresh wooden planks that looked like they could withstand a herd of walkers. Whoever had lived here had clearly tried to fortify themselves. 

The place didn’t have any living occupants at the moment, of that Clementine was sure. The small fenced off area next to the house – which Clementine suspected had been used to grow food – was overgrown with weed and grass. Several corpses lay strewn around the front of the house, all of them with parts of their heads blown off. Clementine had seen people use dead bodies and even walkers as warning signs before, but those had always been far away from where the people slept. No one wanted to have dead body’s stinking up the place. 

Clementine ascended the veranda stairs and saw blood stain on the wooden floor as well as on the door. Someone had been wounded before they entered the house. Did they die in there? Was there a walker waiting on the other side of the door? Clementine carefully unslung the baby carrier Aj was in and sat him down on the floor next to the door with his back leaning against the wall. Aj giggled at the motion, he always found it funny so long as she did it slowly. 

“I’ll be back soon Aj,” she said and pulled out a small toy from her backpack and held it out to him.

Aj smiled, took the toy and immediately tried to shove it into his mouth. Clementine couldn’t help but smile at the sight. Standing up, Clementine pulled out her gun and slowly turned the handle of the front door. To her surprise she found it unlocked and it swung inwards on creaking hinges.

Thanks to the boarded-up windows it was very dark inside but not so bad that she couldn’t see. There was no walker waiting for her inside, but there were more blood stains on the floor. Weapon raised, she walked in. She was in a hallway which opened to a room on either side of her. The hallway continued straight ahead leading to the back of the house and on the right side of the hallway where stairs leading to the second floor. She saw dark stains splattered on the steps.

“Hello,” Clementine called out. Walkers were attracted to sound, so inside a closed space like a house it was better to let the walkers come to her then her to the walkers.

She just managed to catch a fait growl before a series of bangs from the stairs drew her attention. A walker came tumbling down the stairs and landed in a rotten heap at the bottom. For half a second, Clementine thought that the fall had killed it. She was sadly proven wrong when it started to crawl along the floor towards her, its legs uselessly dragging behind it. It’s back had clearly been broken in the fall, as had one of its arms. The putrid stench of decay coming from it made Clem’s nose wrinkle in disgust. 

The walker had been a woman in life with short brown hair. So much of her face had been smashed by the fall and rotted off that Clementine had no idea what she had looked like when she had still been alive. Clementine aimed her gun at the walker’s head and was about to pull the trigger when she stopped herself. The walker had only one functioning arm and was not much of a threat to her so long as she stayed out of its reach. It would be a waist of a bullet to shoot it when there were other ways to kill it. 

Clementine looked around and found a baseball bat conveniently leaning against the corner next to the front door. She took it, raised it over her head and smashed it down on the walker’s head. An audible crack came from the skull and the walker went limp. It looked dead, but Clementine didn't take any chances. She raised the bat and smashed it down three more times, by then the head was a bloody pulp. 

Clementine wiped her left cheek on her right sleeve where a splatter of gore had hit her. She dropped the bat on the floor and took up her gun again and waited. When no more walkers came, she took a few careful steps forward and looked inside both rooms. The room on the left was a living room whiles the room on the right was a dining room, they were both empty. She quickly swept through the ground floor and thankfully didn’t find any walkers.

With the ground floor secured she slowly walked up the stairs, her gun raised and at the ready. The second floor was small and only had three rooms. She walked up to the closest door that stood slightly ajar and opened it. The room was empty except for a mattress, a saucer with several half-burned candles on it, a chair with a bag on it, a small stack of books and…several unopened cans of food. Clementine felt her heart rise with joy at the thought of not having to go hungry tonight.

She was so enraptured with the food that she barely heard the sound of a door creaking open behind her, immediately followed by the all too familiar gurgling growl of a walker. Clementine spun on her heel in the direction of the sound and raised her gun, but the walker was on her before she could fully raise the weapon. Its left hand grabbed her by the shoulder whiles the rotten fingers of its right hand closed around her throat and pushed her back up against the wall so hard that she lost her grip on the gun and it clattered to the floor.

The impact knocked the air out of Clementine’s lungs. She tried to draw a fresh breath to fill them again, but the walker’s rotten fingers tightened on her windpipe so that her breath ended up as a wheezing gasp. She tried desperately to pry the hand loose from her throat but to no avail. The walker opened its mouth wide and leaned in towards her. Clementine panicked when she saw what it was about to do, she let go of its hand and reached out with her left hand and pressed it against its throat in an attempt to hold it off. The walker mouth closed on thin air in front of her, its brown yellow teeth making a clacking sound as they snapped together. Clementine tried to push it back, but it was too strong. Black spots appeared in her vision and she felt the strength in her arms waning. The snapping teeth got closer.

“I’m going to die.”

In desperation, she raised her right leg and placed her foot against the walker’s emaciated stomach and kicked out with all her strength. The walker stumbled backwards a few steps, its hands letting go of her. With her windpipe free, Clementine drew a lung full of air. The spots disappeared from her vision. Clementine reached down and grabbed her gun. The walker quickly recovered from her kick and was moving towards her again. It grabbed her by the shoulder and moved in for the kill. Its teeth were mere inches from her face when the bullet tore through its skull. Bone and brain matter exploded out of the top of its head. Its whole body jerked from the impact and it collapsed sideways onto the floor. 

Clementine panted for breath, her back leaning against the wall, her eyes fixed on the corpse. Her legs felt like they were made of jelly and only adrenaline was keeping her from collapsing. As the tension drained out of her, she slowly slid down the wall until she was sitting on the floor. Her whole body was shaking. So close, she had been so close to dying. It wasn’t her first time being so close to death of course, but no matter how many times it happened you never got use to the feeling of almost being eaten alive. To be just another victim to the deadly hunger of the walkers.


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