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FURSUIT TUTORIAL: Sewing Elastic Onto Your Tail

By danneroni
A lot of people have been asking over the months for a tutorial - mainly tutorials that have nothing to do with this, but hey, I thought this might be helpful. It's extremely simple but I just hope to put this out there and help a few people.

I'll post a QnA in the description as I get questions.

Something I may not have mentioned: The looser the elastic is, the bouncier the tail will be. Make sure the elastic lays flat against the tail, but there's still enough leeway to get your belt through there. xD
So the tail won't sag always put the elastic on the top portion of the tail.

Technicolour Costumes website:…

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artfulsilver's avatar
Nice tutorial! Things seem a little easier now, thank you ^w^
GOJISAMA's avatar
Rip fingers 😭

This tutorial is very useful, thank you! ^^
UndertakerMichaelis's avatar

Fingers .-.

You will be missed.
danneroni's avatar
I miss my fingers...
UndertakerMichaelis's avatar
Shhh I will help you hold a funeral for your lost fingers, They will be never forgotten! 
Tailarium's avatar
Im just curious how do u sew your tails shut? Your pictures you can almost not see a seem at all to me at least! Once you have the tail stuffed how do you go about closing it! 
danneroni's avatar
Hmm, perhaps I could make a tutorial for this as well! Basically I sew the entire tail inside out and then leave a hole large enough to stitch it. I then close the rest of it with a ladder stitch and shave the fur. Sometimes the shaver snags the thread though and you need to do it over again, so it's a good idea to be careful xD I love your username by the way, it's very clever.
Tailarium's avatar
definatly make a tutorial because that was confusing for me! 
And thank you! im horrible with names so a friend helped me make it. 
Im trying to find a better way to close my tails because all i can think to work good is like sewing a circle peice of felt on the end making the part flat that goes against your butt 
SquishyKin12's avatar
Do u make them to sell? I'm looking for a suiter
danneroni's avatar
Yes I do! I have a lot of tails for sale right now in my Etsy shop if you'd like to check it out 8)…
SquishyKin12's avatar
Dang! They r nice. So coolerfool
danneroni's avatar
Haha, thank you!
SquishyKin12's avatar
No problem sweet heart :) 
XxRainbowLightsxX's avatar
Wonderful tutorial! I never thought of using elastic and a belt! :D
danneroni's avatar
Glad to be of help!
Skittlesthewolffox's avatar
Poor fingers WHAT DID THE FINGERS DO TO U!?!?!
danneroni's avatar
Haha! 8)
I appreciate the comment, thank you!
N30-Pulse's avatar
this is a lovely tutorial, thanks for sharing hun :3 lol poor fingers, that must have hurt. Sadly I still did laugh, the bandaids and marker face didn't help either XD
danneroni's avatar
Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it 8)
gamzette1's avatar
I bought this tail on etsy aha xD
danneroni's avatar
Aha, wow! Thank you so much! I just received the notification, further details will be sent to you shortly 8)
gamzette1's avatar
no problem I loved it so much xD awesome thx
MattsyKun's avatar
I dunno why, but this tutorial finally taught me how the hell to do this XD

Also, RIP Fingers ???-2013
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