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Valentine's gift timeout!



The former slaves quickly find that continuously training a new slave, besides being quite pleasurable, is also demanding on both the slave and the Mistress! But they quickly follow the experiences they had with their former Mistress, and use the same tactics to keep the play balanced and yummy. Regardless to say, the years spent serving their former Mistress, gave them plenty ideas of how to...break her into slave life! "Its like yin and yang, things need to be balanced", she still remembered her former Mistress saying that while she quietly reads a book and pinches a nipple to adjust the position of the light. A light moan came from the slave hanging immobilized from the frame on the wall, and the light moved according to the felt pinch. The slave felt a yummy rub of a thumb indicating the light was in good position, and another page was flipped and a quiet enjoyable evening passed. And bit by bit the former Mistress was realizing that maybe...they were serious about it...maybe..they will never release her and let her be Mistress again!

Continuation of Valentine's gift gone wrong!
Continued here Valentine's gift irony 
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OMG how can you keep your hands (and mouth) off those gorgeous breasts?