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[tutorial] Understanding blending modes in PS


I couldn't find any tutorial dealing with blending modes (or maybe I'm blind? I'm definitely blind IRL) so I thought - hey girl, why not make it yourself and become useful to the community? And so I made it! There are always people who aren't familiar with Photoshop yet and they'd like to learn it quickly and effectively so they seek for tutorials! :icondoctorwhoofshrugplz: And I'm gonna help 'em because I feel like helping 'em! :iconrainbowomgplz:

Anyway, I'd like to apologize for any grammar mistakes I could have done in the tutorial but English isn't my first language. :iconspikeyuckplz:

Also, sorry for crappy drawings in the end of the tutorial, I was lazy. The girl is totally random and the guy is supposed to be, guess who, guess who.... older Eren Jaeger! :iconrainbowdashsqueeplz::iconrainbowdashsqueeplz::iconrainbowdashsqueeplz: Totally fangirling right now. and since I'm not a manga reader, I will constantly suffer for more twice as much as manga readers, for the next half a freaking year, because of the thought "I CAN know what happens next, but in the same time, I CAN'T. My little fangirling heart is torn apart". :iconfluttercryplz:

I used either stock from Google, or my own drawings. Will credit later.

:bulletred::bulletred:Please comment and favorite if you find this helpful ^;^ :bulletred::bulletred:

Please check out my gallery right here: [link]

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Wow this was really interesting and useful!  Thanks for helping beginner artists out!  :dummy:
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Hi here! :wave:

Your tutorial has been featured in my weekly article: Tutorial Tuesday #5!

I'd love if you could check it out and offer support to your fellow tutorial writers through comments :la:

And if you really like the feature, why not consider watching me to keep yourself updated!
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Thank you very much for the feature! :)
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Super informative and helpful, thank you for taking the time to make this!
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I'm glad you find it useful! Thanks!
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lol dissolve is pretty much useless-Yup!
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Makes me wonder why guys from Adobe had put it there anyway!;)
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Thanks. This is helpful.
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I'm so glad :)
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