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Attack on Titan

omigosh, I gave in and watched it. Not like it's my favourite right now but it really keeps one glued to the seat. Like every shounen, right? I don't quite understand all the hype going all around Attack on Titan. But I DO hope it turns out to be really good!

Sooo, here you have it! My first Attack on Titan fanart :boogie:

Favorite and comment if you like it and if you don't like it you can still comment because why the hell not :bow: :bow: :bow:

Check out my gallery right here:

older!Eren fanart:…
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You predicted this.
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Herr Llama Emperor THIS IS SO COOL! MESA LOVE ATTACK ON TITAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Herr Llama Emperor 
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great light effect
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Oh if you loved the anime, guess what? There's a live-action movie adaptation coming out this year :3

I'm really excited :D
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Ohhh I know!  And Mizuhara Kiko is playing Mikasa - the only person in the world who suits the role :d
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Just got into this show after the hype started to cool down. Now I can appreciate the DRIIIIIVEEE!!!!! it has wich makes it a whole lot more idealistic than I expected it would be.
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Read the manga, it's even better ;)
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i don't know why i did it, i just did
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WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
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Why do people do this? It's so old.
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So EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love it! I started today and I'm already on episode 12. YouTube doesn't have it in English dub/sub so that sucks...
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i thought.. this was a screenshot of the anime!! cuz its THAT good :D
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may i ask you how long this took you? itS SOOO FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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thank you! but I don't remember how long i was drawing it.. could be like a few days
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i see, good work though :D love it :D

if u have time ofc, any tips or anything u could tell me?

take care and have fun :D
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So I decided to look through more of your art and--

I'm truly astonished. This is amazing, from lighting to detail to perspective. I really hope you become more noticed as an artist. <3
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Oh my, thank you so much! It's still a long way for me but who knows, maybe one day... :)
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