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Team Neo Magma Minor Admins

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(A part of the MASSIVE UPLOAD of June 2, 2011)

Created with this. ---> [link] <---

I love how I attempted to shade this work. I think it turned
out pretty good. It adds depth and detail to the characters.
I think. :)

Background Origin:
This is just some artwork I did for nights ago. In my series YSC: Origins, Dann's & Danniele's cousin, Cobalt (Known as "Blue") is the leader of Team Magma's returned group. Apparently, his mother was once it's leader of the group and he somehow inherited to leadership. In this picture, it shows three lesser admins of the group.

--- Dawn (Known as "Platinum" among the group.)
--- Peach (Calls herself, "Turbo Peacha Luna" oddly.)
--- Sabbrinna "Appears in her grown-up disguise. (Bowser's grand-daughter who is being trained and watched over by Peach. Known as "Rookie" among the group.)

Q: Okay... how did these characters get involved in Neo Magma's activities?

A: This was a chapter a different series, originally. It was abandoned for about 3 years until I found it again recently.
Here's how it went.

--- :iconprincesspeachplz: In the chapters of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Princess Peach was processed by the spirit of the evil Shadow Queen. Mario in the end destroyed the 1,000 year demon and saved Peach... but what happened if when Peach saved, when the evil Queen was being ripped away from Peach, the Queen herself was destroyed but, her personally and powers caused Peach to create a split persona. She has unbelievable powers to control other being's and their minds. Her split persona is loyal to Team Neo Magma and it's honor guard. ---

--- :iconpokemondawnplz: In the early chapters of my Origins series. Dawn and May both are newcomers to the Mushroom Kingdom. She eventually learns that May is tied in with the group, Team Neo Magma. She wants in but May denies her too. After a whole complex plan, she finds meets Cobalt in person, and tells him about May. To learn that the two in love... He allows her to join and is stationed as the groups medical researcher and tech. ---

Sabbrinna is in it for the adventure of it. :D
(Wow, a long author comment.)
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Very cool and nice job on the shading:la:
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Thanks. :D