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Strikers Captain Dawn

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(A part of the MASSIVE UPLOAD of June 2, 2011)

:iconpokemondawnplz: In series when Dawn isn't busy with helping Princess Peach or Team Neo Magma's work.

She tend to enjoy playing in one of the Mushroom Kingdom's greatest sports. The Striker Tournaments.

She's a balanced player who's quick on her feet.
Her stats for herself as followed.

(NOTE: When you enter the Mushroom Kingdom, you gotta get some kind of new power or ability, right?)

- Dawn -

Character Type: Power Balanced

Movement: 7
Shooting: 10
Passing: 7
Defense: 10

Description: A girl with the ideal mix of speed, power and intelligence. When she's in a game it's all determination and heart! Long live the spirit of The Ice Dragon, "IceHeart"!

Mega Strike: Dawn jumps extremely high into the air, sprouts the ice covered wings of her dragon spirit, "IceHeart". Her hat changes into a iced crown as her eyes glow bright blueish white, then she launches the ball towards the goalie.

Super Ability: Empress Dragon IceHeart!!
"Dawn grows giant and transforms into her inner being, 'IceHeart', the Ice Dragon. As long as Dawn's transformed, she can not be attacked nor harmed in anyway. (She immune to ALL types of damage. Enemies can still steal the ball, but she can't be tripped.)

Deke: She pulls off a impressive backflip.

Uniform: Dawn wears a icy blue armor with pearl pink and white accents.

Alt. Uniform: Pearl Pink armor with icy blue and white accents.

Team Emblem: It's has the letter, "D" in the middle of a logo that appears to be Palkia's shoulder.

Team Number: 484

Away Entrance: Dawn pulls off an amazing double back flip and stop on a handstand. Then she, stands and waves to her opponents with a mean grin on her face.

Home Entrance: Dawn falls from the sky (top of the stadium), when she lands and gets up and looks away from her opponents saying, "Let's show them how we play!" with a mean grin on her face with a dragon-like growl.

Theme: Flamenco (Luigi's Theme)

Home Stadium: The Palace

Team: (Sidekicks!)
Petey Piranha (Co-Captain)
May (Co-Captain)
Hammer Bro.
Dry Bones

---- Author's Comment: ----

This took a load of time to draw and then to write
her bio. Please enjoy! :)

May is obvious for her Co-Captain, but why Petey?
He told her the story of his championship and game against Peach in the day. She wanted his personal skills in game again and she has him as a Co-Captain. Petey plays quite a bit on Dawn's team.

:iconpeteypiranhaplz: <--- FTW.
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