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Space Cops? - MiP

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The Dialog:

Neos: ...so, I was in trouble with the Imperials. They... They wanted...

Twilight: Imperials? I thought space was just an endless cosmos...?

Neos: That's what I thought, too.

Pinkie Pie: Ohh!! Are those ponies like SPACE COPS!?!

Neos: ...In a way...

Pinkie Pie: SPACE COPS!!!

--- --- Author's Comments: --- ---

Damn you, Portal 2. (Just kidding) Pinkie Pie is Pinkie Pie and I thought it would be interesting to see Pinkie Pie say that. This is also the first time I tried drawing Pinkie Pie and the third time I drew Twilight Sparkle. I know, the eyes are a bit different than normal but, I'm trying really hard to draw the characters as close as possible.

But, who's that other Pony? Neos? He's my fan character. Neos is the lost brother of Celestia and Luna who was launched into space after Luna was banished on the moon. Neos thought his older sister was too hard on Luna. A small fight between the siblings broke out. Neos with all his power lost the fight to Celestia.

(I may write up a short story or comic on this event.)

He fled to the stars with Celestia trying to chase him, but she let him go and she returned to the castle. A thousand years pass... The seal with held Nightmare Moon on the moon broke and she returned to the planet. Meanwhile, Neos... since he controlled the stars... he felt the disturbance of Nightmare's escape. With the seal broken, he too could return to the planet. When he returned, Neos fled to the Appleloosa Territory and stayed there until Nightmare Moon's defeat at the hoofs of the Mane 6. After that event, he secretly moved to Ponyville - Canterlot border lines and has stayed there since. He eventually befriends Pinkie Pie and she tells every pony around Ponyville of his whereabouts. During this time, Twilight Sparkle learns about Neos's history from a lost book, she obtains from Princesses Celestia and Luna. She wants to learn what was truly Neos's purpose in Canterlot... and that's where the stories begin.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

Neos by: :icondann-the-yoshi:
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:iconspacecoreplz: SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!
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I was going to put the space core in the background, too. xD
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Yeah that'd be funny, and also your Nightmare Moon clapping avatar is funny :)
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Thank you. :)