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Elegant Integrity -v.2-

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Name: Elegant Integrity [Elegance]
Species: Unicorn Pony
Approximate age: 20 years of age.

A beautiful unicorn who used to live in Canterlot. Her dream was to become Canterlot's most successful fashion developer and artist, but eventually through some heartbreaking events... she was driven away from the high city in the mountains, when she was only 14 yrs old... spoken only as a failure and a nopony in the Canterlot upper class. She traveled for days, hungry and dirty... she eventually ran into a few bandit stallions and mares, who took her in as a part of their group [A family-Like unit].

Over the pass four years, Elegance learned how to smith for her bandit group. With the heart of fashion developer and the soul of a forger. She created unique and strong armor take powerful yet lighter than air. Now with four years of harden practice and skill, Elegance knows to make plenty armor from 1 or 2 ingots, that keeps it strength as if it was created with 5 or 6 ingots.

Finally, Elegance reaches the city of Lunarside with her bandit team. At first, a bit unaccustomed by the Lunarsiders. Elegance convinces the Bandit Chieftain to let her stay. [It is later known that the bandits that Elegance was apart of are only a few miles northwest of Lunarside in a old fortress that they patched up slightly. Princesses Eclipse and Corona seem to find the Bandits helpful to their territory. In a agreement, small bandits manage the old fort under the flag of Lunarside.

Elegance still remains a bit snobbish at times and be very sarcastic during her talks with others, most to outsiders. But, to her friends and to even any regal pony, she is very respectful and kindhearted even though the upper class has treated her horribly.

In the Lunarside society, she is a part of the "elite" upper class, surprisingly a class higher than the one that dishonored her skills. She is one of the most loyal ponies to both Princesses Corona and Eclipse. She is also the royal armory's master forger and the royal family's appeal designer. In the Lunarside Military Forces, she is a Lt. Commander and the Co-Leader of the Elite "G.U.N. Guard Forces of Lunarside", that is managed directly under Princess Corona.

Her Cutie Mark is some Silver and Blue Fabric that has a hammer and steel ingot overlaying it.


You'd be surprised. Elegance is actually an old OC I developed long ago. She was based off an the fanon Luna from season one. But, now that you look at it... she does look at the new side pony from the latest episode of MLP: FIM.

But, in truth. This character was originally developed back in June of 2011.
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thank you
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Very nice.

Good story.
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Thank you.
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Your welcome. :)