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Talisman 1024x768
Light and easy.
With the new music player features.
You can now write a memo for
the date of you choice, in the white
windows of the left panel.
© 2004 - 2021 danmoore
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Thx, nice Theme. :)
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Thanks, it's fun that you like ! :)
You know you live in a really nice city !
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wow that's gorgues(and i didn't spell that right)
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Yeah it's spell gorgeous.
I am french speaking, and that word always sound funny
to my ears. It look like of a superlative of the word "gorge",
who spell the same in french, but have no rapport with "goorgeous"
I would be curious to know the origin of that word.
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lol^__^and thank you i cannot spell for my life :)