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Meta One

By danmoore
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Talisman 2.98 theme for 1024x768 and higher. Best view at 1280x1024.
Created to harmonize with the SysMetrix theme Universe Metal Pack by Neophil -> [link]
The Pack contain a 1024, a 1152 and a 1280 version in english and in french.
Original design by Renato C. Verras, aka treetog, when at Pixtudio -> [link]
Treetog Artwork site : [link]

Wallpaper by David Brinnen -> [link] at DA -> [link]
Calendar with Notes, media player song tittle and volume.

Upgrades: Added buttons to Calendar to change month.
30-01-06 : Added a button to Panels to move them.

All credits and permissions included.
The photography Lauch is by me.

Please read the ReadMe.txt at Start/Help/About Theme .
© 2005 - 2021 danmoore
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amazing!!! amazing!!! amazing!!!!
emilymaldonado13's avatar
awsom! I love it. could please make more? I want more!!! MORE!!!!!!!!!
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I'll not forget you ! :)
Thanks !
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Look my two Space themes !
May be you'll like ! > [link]
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Nice work! first i thought, OMFG you stole Davids work!(I know david ;))
but in the description i read that it was his so noone would understand it wrong :)
Sorry for my first thought mate ;)
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NP ! Thanks !
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I like this very stunning
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Sweet Skin!!!!!
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I have tried to download this a few times and it doesn't work.....Any help?
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I have just take off the space between Meta and One.
That could resolve the problem.
Tell me if it is working.

If not I have putted it here -> [link]
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Thank you and you're welcome continue the good work I will keep looking for you work
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One of the best I have seen so far. I would like to know if it would be possible to have the appspanel without the bottom icons and the top right I try to draw over them but that did not came out ok I gess I'm no good at drawing Thanks Dan
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There is a version of the appspanel.bmp without the bottom icons and the top right (Microsoft ?) -> [link]
Just convert it to bmp to replace the old appspanel.bmp .
Thanks for the nice comment !
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Your best yet Dan..:+fav:
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Thats wild Dan!!!
danmoore's avatar
And practical !
Thanks Ed !
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Cool =D Especially the wallpaper ... =P
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Thanks D. ! The wallpaper is clean, sharp and luminous !
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Whoa... just... @_@
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Thanks Kate !
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:o looks like your weather ticker and your uptime are shatting on each other

...internet explorer AND firefox?
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Thanks Lars to notice me that shatting !
Now if you download the upgraded version C (Meta,
the ReadMe.txt file contain all the infos to correct that problem.
For the two Browser buttons, you can use only your favorite.
For me, when I create a web page, I use IExplorer who refresh
instantly the recent changes I have made to my page.
After that I mostly use Firefox, that hackers seem to forget.
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