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Silver Surfer vs the Daleks

A recent commission piece. I love drawing mad mashups like this!
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I think the Surfer is going to get his arse kicked here.
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The Daleks can destroy entire universes and have time travel, and are immune to time travel and even being time locked which is meant to remove an event(s)/location(s) from all of time.
Wolf1701D's avatar
At least he'll go down fighting.
Simon-Williams-Art's avatar
Jack Kirby and Terry Nation would be proud of this!! Awesome work, Dan!
curtsibling's avatar
Amazing idea! Superbly done...:)

But old Silver could never defeat the Sons of Skaro! :D
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I reckon mighty Galactus could get the better of the Daleks, though!
zippymax's avatar
Good point! Even the weaponry of the DALEKS might have it's limits in THAT battle! Perhaps they could join forces with the DOCTOR?... (Sorry about the late reply!)
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NICE! Man, and to think Marvel could have done something like this in the late 70s or 80s....
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you are like, the PERFECT FIT for Silver Surfer!!
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Why are you not drawing a Silver Surfer book?

Damn I love your style!
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does anything beat Norrin Rad in his silver undies
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If it does, I don't wanna know!
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The Silver Surfer may be outnumbered, but not outclassed!
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Thanks, everyone!
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Never seen Doc Who in my life but I love this!
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Wow, kickass Dan! They've got to get you working on FF, stat!
mmmmmpig's avatar
everything about this one is tasty
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Okay....this is eight new flavors of awesome! Somehow the daleks do suit the classic comic book style quite well, heck they look good in anything.
I'm also godsmacked at the massive head of Galactus in the background must have taken a while to pull off, doesn't look like the easiest thing to have drawn.
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