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Doctor Who VS The Riddler

Another commission piece, this time from last year. The commissioner wanted the Seventh Doctor and Batman's enemy The Riddler locked in a game of chess. I decided to raise the stakes by putting the Doctor's companion Ace and Robin the Boy Wonder's lives on the line!
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This is brilliant! :happybounce: While the Riddler's cane may resemble the Doctor's umbrella, there's no way the Riddler can match wits with that Time Lord! :D

Seventh Doctor:(thinking) When I beat the R-R-R-R-R-R- Riddler in Chess I'll beat him up with my umbrella, then I'll save Ace and Robin. 🇬🇧🎬📺📖👽👾🤖😠😠😠😠👊👊👊
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Could I have your permission to adapt this concept into a short story? I would give you credit for the inspiration. Please and thank you. :)
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Awww man, that is epic.
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The Riddler is going to be so owned.
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Awesome work here although I'd hate to imagine what Ace will do when she gets free (if she's willing to beat up a dalek with a baseball bat then she'll make short work of the Riddler).
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All the Doctor ever did to piss off the Riddler was offer him a Jelly Baby.
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. . . why has this never happened on the show? Honestly, it's just too perfect.

I love your style here! Especially all the texture and shadow you get out of plain black ink. Lovely. :heart:
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Thanks very much! Funny thing, I was never that happy with this pic, but people seem to like it a lot, and point out things in it I never thought about before (like the different textures). Anyway - cheers!
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Fantastic comission!! I love to see The boy wonder in peril!! Geat job!!
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I've often thought that both the Riddler and the Penguin would think that the Seventh Doctor was ripping off their "shtick". I wrote a fic in which that happened, in fact...

Anyway, good stuff.
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I like the way you did The Riddler and Dr. Who's face- the perspective is badass too.
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Dang it clicked the wrong button. I was going to put "Checkmate" in a bubble...
Great Picture. :)
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Awesome crossover! :D
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Fantastic work.
The Doctor really looks like he's concentrating, rather than laid back confidence.
Does the Doctor have a plan in motion, is this part of the great journey of...em...wrong thing, part of the great plan, his huge chess game with the universe? Or is this just one minor battle for Time's Champion?
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He always looks like that so that way his enemies underestimate him.
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He always looks like that so that way his enemies underestimate him.
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My first Doctor, much better than Matt Smith and Christopher Ecclestone but not as good as Tennant... and on the plus side, I also love Batman and my fave nemesis is the Riddler so this is GREAT! A very good job! I'm sure the comissioner was chuffed by the result.
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