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Oh, uh…well, oka—mmph!

……….. o///o


Th-Thanks, I guess… Only need one more koopa guy to kiss me. The third doesn’t need to be a guy, so I have a special someone I’d like that kiss from. ^///^

THIS MAKES SENSE IN CONTEXT, I SWEAR! You see, at one point during Koops's time at Tumblr, a magical anon cursed him to be stuck in Black Ninjakoopa's outfit until three koopas--two of which had to me male--kissed him.

Yellow, if I'm not mistaken, I think was married to Eggman or something, and a magic anon told him they could magically make them divorced if Yellow kissed a koopa guy. But then Eggman came forward with divorce papers, so Yellow never even had to kiss Koops after all, much to his embarrassment. Sorry if I've got this wrong; it's been a while since this occurred, and Yellow's mun isn't as tag-happy with his posts as I am.

....................................OK, now that I think of it, it hardly makes sense even with context. :| Ahem... anyway, blog post here, and Yellow Ninjakoopa played by darkbowser64.

Koops, Yellow and Black Ninjakoopa © Nintendo
Tumblr © Tumblr
Eggman © Sega

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ACC Chapter WTF
The following round is not cannon. If it were then oh lord, did I go off the deep end.
Jeremie looked over the names of the final four entries with a slight frown. Even though the tournament was going on without a hitch, there was a cloud of dread looming within the back of his mind.
Yumi was quick to notice the boy’s uneasiness. Knowing full well the amount of stress he was feeling she decided to try to get him to calm down just a tad bit.
“You’re worried about the tournament right?”
“Yeah” he sighed. “When this thing is over I am not going to enjoy experiencing the repercussions of our actions.”
The Japanese girl gently placed her hand on his shoulder.
“I know. All those friends we’ll lose. To think that these people who have risked their lives to help us are going to have their memory erased. I’m having trouble coping with this too.”
“It’s not that.”
:icong-force4:G-Force4 7 21
No Pants Day by fayedove No Pants Day :iconfayedove:fayedove 5 19 Baby Swampfire by BullFrogJones11 Baby Swampfire :iconbullfrogjones11:BullFrogJones11 12 4


Wow... just, wow... if I didn't know any better, I'd swear this was a screen capture! I'd say you really pulled off the Butch Hartman c...



Daniel J. "Danny" Matviya
United States
Notable User Names: DanMat6288 (here and most everywhere), Dan(&)SandwichBoy (TV Tome/, MetaMagic (, DantheRicePrez (Pink Llamas)
Date/Time of Birth: June 2, 1988, between Midnight and 1:00 AM
Skills: Art, fiction, HTML
Weaknesses: Physical strength; sensitive ears, taste buds, and to some extent, emotions; and some slight submissiveness
Personality: Quiet and modest, friendly, more follower than leader, environmentally conscious, body shy, bit of a science nerd with practically no street cred

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Current Residence: At Foster's, trying to master virtualization/materialization
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
Favourite genre of music: [casual shrug]
MP3 player of choice: None.
Shell of choice: I like seashells! XD [shot]
Skin of choice: Um, I like my own skin, unless it's sunburned.
Favourite cartoon character: 625 (L&S) or Rufus (KP)
Personal Quote: You know you've seen everything when you've seen dogs having a catfight.

Closing 2012

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 31, 2012, 6:39 PM



Down in the Christmas Weather

Wouldn't you know it; I spent most of the Christmas season with a nasty cold, and it still hasn't gone away. :| Guess I shouldn't complain too much... I had a pretty good Christmas regardless.

Despite missing out on a few things that took place during the worst of my cold, I got some pretty nice stuff for Christmas. These include a car charger and bigger SD card for my 3DS, Partners in Time and Bowser's Inside Story, several different articles of clothing including new PJs, a neat little beginner's cookbook, homemade magnets of my niece and nephew's faces, and a hard copy of nishi's graphic novel The Quick and the Angry straight from the author/illustrator himself. It's a pretty neat read.

I got people some nice presents myself. To my niece and nephew, a Hello Kitty alarm clock and a copy of Stream Stress by Nishi's buddy Matthew Palumbo, respectively. I got my younger big sister and her husband a chrome Pittsburgh Penguins license plate cover. I got my godparents and neighbors each a bag of Sarris chocolate covered pretzels. I got my dad a shirt and my mom a Barnes & Noble gift card.


I'll admit, I've been giving Tumblr, particularly my ask blogs quite a bit of attention lately. This is not only my Ask Koops blog but also the blogs for Char and Winnie McCoy, TEC-XX, and an AU kid Silver the Hedgehog to go along with the AU characters Lil' Sonic and Lil' Tails.

You've probably noticed that a lot of my artwork lately has been Tumblr stuff. Most of my artistic effort has been going towards the Koops blog, and I'd say the least has gone to the TEC blog for which I am mainly using video game screencaps as "security footage".

Clean inbox

In other news, I cleaned out my inbox today! =D Before there were nearing 80 messages in there, mostly year-old replies and such I wasn't going to respond to anyway despite feeing I'd think of something I'd wanna say later.

I admit I've been letting other things distract me, making me not only not upload the art I've been drawing as much but even not check my inbox as much. I resolve to change that starting in 2013. :meow: You should be seeing be a bit more often next year.

Other things you'd know if I didn't ignore my journal thing too much lol

That dishwasher I was complaining about not getting last time I posted a journal? It came. Over a week after it was supposed to, but it came.

Also, I have my driving permit, and I've been learning to drive. I've made some impovement thanks to a professional driving instructor, but I have a block on one or two important factors that may make the learning process overall a bit harder. My official lessons are technically expired, but I can still train with Mom and Dad.


Still trying to do this. I prefer PayPal (I'll tell you via note what my e-mail address is), but if you must pay by check, I suppose I could also note you my s-mail address. Check out my gallery to get a general sense of what I draw. Also, please only request images with either your characters or my characters unless you have written permission from whomever else owns the characters in said commission request. I can't afford a lawyer...:paranoid: I've based my prices on what I've seen other people do (I threw in the extra on the background thing, 'cause backgrounds are no fun :().


  • Uncolored sketch of one character - $5 (+2 per extra character)
  • Colored sketch of one character - $10 (+2 per extra character, and +2 if you want a decent background other than the generic grass-and sky)

Please note I will not draw any mature or squeamish content. I'll start as soon as I receive payment, and I will e-mail you the start sketch to see if you like where I'm going with it. If you like it (and don't mind me showing people), I'll post it in my scraps. If you wish to post up your own modified version (i.e. you colored a black and white commish I sold you), please post it in your own scraps rather than your main gallery and be sure to link to my version. :)

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"Tea Party With the President" by Nintendo-Nut1 - WARNING: Contains Wreck-It Ralph spoilers.

Planet of the Guinea Pigs Fan Art :+favlove:



Mah buddies! :aww:




Rolepay Accounts


...did I forget anyone?


I support... um, stuff. by DanMat6288 Stamp: Ceiling by Roxy317
Fave and Run Stamp by Spyridon:thumb88191822: deviantLICENSE Stamp by stixman
Descriptions by Miamoto I support Larry by cdpickels09 OC's and Fanarts Stamp by YunieYuks
Fan Art Stamp by Lilostitchfan:thumb92018702:

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  • Listening to: Homestuck Vol. 9
  • Playing: Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
  • Eating: Pepperoni pizza
  • Drinking: Root beer

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tobyf - Prodigious by tobyf tobyf - Prodigious :icontobyf:tobyf 95 65 Uber-late XMas card with Lenny by DanMat6288 Uber-late XMas card with Lenny :icondanmat6288:DanMat6288 1 1
Specifying on the wishlist:

I would like the "Prodigious" image (the one of the dragon and the seal) as a mouse pad.
As for the Christmas cards, that one doesn't matter as much, but I'd prefer the 10-card option, as I really don't need 25 cards.


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