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Moon's Guidance 2010 Version

For the first time I finally had the opportunity to work with live musicians. This remake of my in 2006 released track "Moon's Guidance" features a violin performance by the incredible Russian violinist Maria Lazareva.

Like I already said, this piece is completely derived from an older piece from 2006. I've kept most of the structure at the beginning, a lot of it is completely new though. I've decited to go for a musical-esque style and make use of soft rock/pop percussion that accompanies the big symphony orchestra. However, I always wanted to do a remake of this cue due to the great melody so here it is!

Do not download this! The music directly streams from my website. To download the piece go here -> [link]
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this music speaks to my soul
Gerri527's avatar
I am amazed by your compositions... :*)
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I hate to bother, but where can I download it? I clicked the link and can't get anywhere with it.

Simply outstanding, you never stop amazing me (:
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To download the track go on the link and select File > Save page as... in your upper browser bar. Your browser will then as you where to save the mp3. :)
Fluna's avatar
Really beautiful song... at one point almost got me to tears ;w;
zraya218's avatar
Very lovely indeed.

Someday, soooomeday, I hope to see your name among the other great music writers in our history.
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*reattaches jaw*

This is nothing short of spectacular. WELL done!
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Schöner Track! ;) Gefällt mir sehr gut.
EffraSorbus's avatar
The violin performance is gorgeous :heart:

I've always liked this piece as well. Great to see a new version :dance:
Danman87's avatar
Absolutely, she did an amazing job on that! Glad you enjoyed it! :)
Synthucard's avatar
That's so beautiful Denny, you improved so much since I last heard your work. <3
Lovely! Please do more! :)

And Maria's play on the violin really adds to the effect! :D
Danman87's avatar
Yes, she's an incredible violinist! Thanks a bunch Deni! :D
WaffleFoxOmega's avatar
This is one of my favourite melodies of yours. Great job on the remake! : D
Danman87's avatar
Thank you, the melody was the main reason for doing a remake: :D
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this is so Aierth theme from FFVII O.o; am in love <3
Danman87's avatar
Haha nice, thanks man! :)
Ithica-Vox's avatar
Very very very beautiful!!! Your music never ceases to amaze me! :)
Danman87's avatar
Thanks a lot, that's great to hear! :)
Ithica-Vox's avatar
You're welcome!
Stamps's avatar
Wow, your music is so amazing! :worship: I love how you incorporate a live violinist in this song. :clap: This is of excellent quality! This piece is emotionally evocative.
Danman87's avatar
Thank you! I'm happy to hear you like it! By the way, have I gotten back to your latest note yet? I'm afraid that I haven't done that yet. :P
Stamps's avatar
That's totally all right; I'm still working with other artists like :iconmushy-dwoob: on a number of other projects. I think my note was just explaining how the animation project I had in mind is about educating people about Deaf culture. It still will need music though to be appealing to hearing people. ;)
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Beyond simply being amazing, this piece reminds me of Redwall very strongly for some reason. I really don't know what to say. "Holy crap" would be an understatement here.
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Thanks Erik, I'm not hearing that for the first time. Now I'm not sure if that's either good or bad. :P
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