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the Chaos Six

By danmalone
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group shot showing the six characters from Chaos Engine. previously unpublished.
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There seems to be a panel or something like that at rezzed in Birmingham just this weekend involving the Chaos Engine - at least the all too beloved logo pops up on their website (rezzed.com/whats-on/show-floor).

Do you know anything about that??
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This was also published in the Megadrive Advanced Gaming magazine. The wonderful Bitmap Brothers fansite Gods-Country at www.bitmap-brothers.com has scans of that. It also has some storyboard sketches for the intro sequence which did not make it to the finished product, such as the six mercenaries meeting around a table with drinks. Regardless, it is wonderful to see this picture in such large and clear form. I am to this day a Gentleman.

Since I had the good fortune to come across someone who worked on the game, do you have any comments or memories regarding the Preacher being changed to Scientist for the console versions? I'm guessing that was due to Nintendo of America having a policy of not having real-world religions represented in their games.
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Excellent drawing and brings back great memories of the original game on my Amiga. I'd like to see it released on PlayStation Network at some point. I did buy the Minis version of Speedball 2 but was very disappointed at the 'updated' graphics which seemed to be some smeary photoshoppy job instead of the classic metallic pixel work. I've noticed another Amiga classic Alien Breed has come out on PlayStation Mobile with supposedly revamped graphics and still the original pixelled sprites as an option which was nice. Anyways lovely sketch work here. =)
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gr33ntProfessional Digital Artist
this bring warm memories :-)
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I get to don my hat of geekiness here, when I reveal that this piccy was, in fact, published once before – in The One Amiga magazine, to be precise, as part of a feature on the in-development Chaos Engine sequel. (I still have the very issue to hand - issue 77, February 1995. Just call me Lord Nerd.) It was, however, printed rather small, and I've always thought it was a shame they couldn't have given the image more space, escpecially considering that it was something of an exclusive (literally, as it turns out). So what a privilege to find it here on DA in Super-Deluxe High Res-o-Vision! You, sir, are supremely splendid.
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do u mean the intro sequence for the A1200 version of the game ? with the guy mutating into a beast then howling at the moon ?
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'You will be remembered...'

I remember that little art/animation sequence being the most amazing thing I had ever seen.

Would be awesome if you could upload it.
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kelvingreenHobbyist Artist
A fine tribute to a great game. It's fitting to the era too. Very nice.
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DiorgoHobbyist General Artist
A great drawing :)
The Chaos Engine is one of my favourite games, and The Bitmap Brothers are my favourite game developers.
It feels surreal posting a comment here.
One of my dreams is to work on The Chaos Engine 3.
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cheers =]

it would be a blast to do a CE3, or maybe just a beautiful update of the original game for IOS. developed with care, style, quality and real edge - not like the version of SB2 currently on release for IOS, which I had nothing to do with [apart from the original graphics] for the record.
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Thank you so much for sharing! This is a really brilliant piece - from one of my all-time favourite games. In fact, I'm still waiting for a sequel... ;)
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Oh! it's been a long time,.. nice to see someone here is older than me :)
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For some reason Killing Floor reminded me of Chaos Engine. I wish there was KF:CE mod.
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kassorProfessional General Artist
Hu Bigboy!
The preacher is very small, excellent.

Dan Malone live on Deviantart

Real ? The Dan malone , The Bigboy gfx BitmapBrother, not a fake ?
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the real deal man - no fake.
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nice old day , thanks for this game
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Good to see the old boys again. Why this has never been re-done again, in a Gears of War gritty style is beyond me... Ace
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Awesome stuff
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Great picture :) I will take gentleman and priest.
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Phobos-RomulusProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome! The Chaos Engine was so cool!

Love it, great work!
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ChukkzStudent Digital Artist
I always liked the Preacher for reasons. :XD:
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Wow. I remember something like this, I can't remember where I saw your stuff, I remember the mansion concept sketch too.

Thankyou for uploading this, Chaos Engine is much loved. I am also curious, is this piece for sale?
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