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When the lightning strikes again!

Well, this one took me more time than I expected, but in the end, this turned out well. 
As I said before, I love the idea of Rainbow Rocks, so I was very inspired by that with this one.
Hope you like it.

Just to get into the mood, I was listening Dokken's "Lightning Strikes Again" when I drew this. It's a badass song!…
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Rainbow Dash + Dokken = Epic
Riouku's avatar
Es tan Asombrosa! :Kawaii: Kawaii La :Kawaii: Kawaii La 
marioking89's avatar
I'm kinda glad they lightened the designs of the outfits in the final product. I mean the originals looked like the 90's interpretation of the 80's were trying to resurface... though personally that kinda gave me a good laugh.
HearseGurl's avatar
Now that's my kind of pony! :iconhead-bangplz: :headbang: :+fav:
jagg17's avatar
Very nice~ I love how bright and colorful this is. And her pose is really awesome.
DracoKX's avatar
This became canon in Equestrian Girls 2
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Here's a link to the HQ Studio Version upload of Lighting Strikes Again…
NonnyFox's avatar
One of my favorite Dokken songs and one of their best. Cool drawing too.
OmegaMiltonCyber's avatar
Now that's what I call a "Rocking Mayhem"! :thumbsup:
ssaffr01's avatar
What's scary? I can see her as a rock star.
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Daring-danger-do's avatar
can you do a rarity 
StormAlchemist15's avatar
...Now I just want to watch it even more.
MILEZdaFOX's avatar
StormAlchemist15's avatar
New EQG movie coming out later this year.
MILEZdaFOX's avatar
ok so what EQG mean
StormAlchemist15's avatar
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