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She looks so cute with the short hair.

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she looks great in taht hair and nice outfit

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I'm getting Cleopatra in space vibes

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Adorably Sexy Twilight is Best Twilight.

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She needs to keep it short! It shows off her body more! :3

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Cute hairstyle ^v^


That hairstyle is good on her

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Very nicely done, though she does look a lot like Akane from Ranma which isn't a bad thing. Keep up the great work, I like her with short hair.

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That style looks good on her. Very pretty.

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She looks simply adorasexy in this style!

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She looks relaxed, tender and gorgeous ! Even if the MLP show is over, your version is probably the best human version of Twilight in a swimsuit to date.

And a beach song ! Twilight triumphs a lot, so it fits !

Gimbal & Sinan - Triumph (Official Video)

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I think she should cut her hair

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Twilight sure looks sexy and stunning with that hair and that swimsuit. <3

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Grandiosa y tierna B-)

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