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Light Feather (New OC)

Yay!! Well, this is an OC I drew some time ago. Not the best design ever, but I liked how she looks so, yeah haha

What do you think?
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MegaGundam7778's avatar
Looks kinda like Yang from RWBY
soohighrightmeow's avatar
I love her design! She's seriously super cute! But I would have maybe added her cutie mark on her pants maybe? Or maybe as the belt buckle? Could be cute, idk just an idea!
ToonTwins's avatar
DestinyDecade's avatar
And it's cute. Amazing work with the design.
Xj16Damoni's avatar
this is nice can you make me one please?
DarkMirrorEmo23's avatar
tigreanpony's avatar
Oh wow I really like this idea, very cool and she is cute in both forms.
Kyoshyu's avatar
SpheeDC's avatar
Awesome and pretty! Clap 
Mario011983's avatar
Increíble, muy abrazable y me encanto su CM
hawthornbunny's avatar
L-MASTER's avatar
Maravillosas ^^
              Clapping Verdure 1 
Gameplayomg's avatar
Muy tierna y con peinado un poco a lo rocker ¿qué significa su CM?
RomeoMonty's avatar
She's adorable as a pony! And beautiful as a human!
Tonylixious's avatar
A esto le llamo una gran belleza. :squee:

La manera que ella se mira la hace muy abrazable! 
Pilot231's avatar
oh my gosh, she is super adorable. =3  a very awesome job Dan. ^^
Guima02's avatar
She's cute,the pony and the Humanized
aj0joe's avatar
Muy bonito diseño y genial cutiemark :3
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