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Come to bed...

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bookwormsteve's avatar

i hop into bed wih her

BeetrootBubblegumXD's avatar

I'm tired and needa sleep. Well, good point.

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If this didn’t seem like a NSFW scene, I’d jump into her arms, snuggling her to death! BUT, because it does…
*Backs away slowly*
Dog-Skull-Death-Bite's avatar
TanukiTagawa's avatar
My answer:Right now,Flutter!Let's enjoy a great time together ... :sex: 
MasterChica1987's avatar
After a long and tiring day, of course there'd be nothing better to do than cuddle up with an adorable pony like you, Flutters! :heart:
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Okmifan1sbff's avatar
Nap riiiiiighhhtttt lol!
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don't mind if I do steve hopes in bed with fluttershy
Xj16Damoni's avatar
damn sexy fluttershy waifu
arseck's avatar
como me tientas 
IronwoodAKACleanser's avatar
That d'aaaw inducing face! :la:
z4b3rb0lt's avatar
Fluttershy will you mary me? ♥♡♥♡♥
Rainbow2-0's avatar
This sounds so wrong
CartonX's avatar
Por favor haz una versión explicita :c
Mi problema seria que tengo que redibujar varias cosas y eso me daria algo de flojera hahaha Asi que disfrutala como esta :P
Atlas-66's avatar
Interesting idea, drawing on the wall - Fluttershy Angel ^^
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